Tesla’s Nevada superplant reopens for production

Tesla’s two major U.S. manufacturing plants will reopen,media reported. After Tesla CEO Elon Musk publicly confirmed Monday that Tesla has restarted production, The Verge reported Tuesday that the company’s superfacility in Nevada has also resumed operations. The information came from Valerie Workman, Tesla’s head of human resources in North America.

Tesla's Nevada superplant reopens for production

In an email obtained by the media, Workman explained that the vacation period was over and workers were returning to work.

The email notes that employees who are uncomfortable returning to work will have the option of staying home but no more paid. In addition, since the leave is over, workers may not be eligible for unemployment benefits.

Workman also noted that Tesla is taking steps to get workers back to work, including providing more shuttles with personal protective gear. But the automaker’s plant in Fremont, California, does not require personal protective equipment as it plans to return to work. As the number of shuttles increases, the number of workers per vehicle decreases.

The email also states that each employee should be notified by the manager of the specific return date, and that in most cases, wages and working hours should not change.

As Tesla restarts its superplant, the carmaker’s Fremont production site, Alameda County, appears to have reached an agreement to reopen operations. Despite Tesla’s blatant defiance of the county government’s home office order and its start-up on Monday, the two sides agreed to partially lift the restrictions this week, allowing Tesla to officially resume production next week.