NASA SpaceX astronauts officially enter pre-flight quarantine period

One of NASA’s most important goals — sending astronauts into space on U.S. soil for the first time since the space shuttle era — is now very close to being achieved,media reported. NASA has partnered with SpaceX and Boeing to launch a commercial crew program that will require the two companies to build spacecraft that can safely and quickly send astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS).

NASA SpaceX astronauts officially enter pre-flight quarantine period

SpaceX will be the first company to reach the finish line, but crossing the finish line means it will need to successfully complete a launch and a journey to the orbiting lab.

Now, with a few weeks to go until the May 27 launch, NASA astronauts Bert Behnken and Douglas Hurley have entered a pre-flight quarantine period to ensure they stay healthy during space travel and stay at ISS.

The word “isolation” has been on the news recently for obvious reasons, but the two astronauts will have to endure two weeks of isolation that has nothing to do with the current new corona outbreak. This strict isolation is a routine measure designed to ensure that scientists do not get sick or carry infectious diseases into space during their mission.

That said, NASA is taking additional steps to ensure that the new coronavirus does not pose a threat to launches or astronauts. NASA says any visitor will need to undergo a “temperature and symptom check” before being allowed to visit the launch site or talk to astronauts. NASA crews will need to get up close and personal with astronauts during flight preparation, and they will need to undergo two virus tests before they can be allowed to carry out their mission.

Obviously, NASA is excited about the eventual ability to send astronauts into space. So far, NASA has relied on the Russian Federal Space Agency (RSA), which needs to buy seats for Russian rockets to be shipped to the space station. Now, assuming that The last demonstration mission of SpaceX’s manned Dragon spacecraft goes ahead as planned, NASA will have the freedom to launch at any time.