Microsoft plans to reopen offices around the world but calls new U.S. crown data “particularly disappointing”

Most countries in the world are currently planning to phase out the blockade, which does not mean that the outbreak is changing in the same situation in each country. Microsoft is seeking to reopen its offices around the world and has found that some countries are ready to do so, while others seem rather unoptimistic.

In a memo leaked to employees, Microsoft confirmed that it could reopen offices in 16 countries in the coming weeks, including Austria, Denmark, Vietnam, South Korea, Switzerland and New Zealand. The list of countries on the list, such as Vietnam, South Korea and New Zealand, is considered particularly successful in responding to the outbreak.

However, microsoft said of the United States, “The u.S. data is particularly disappointing because we’ve only seen improvements in a few states.” “The curve flattened states include Arkansas, Delaware, New Jersey and New York, while the situation in Washington state, where Microsoft is headquartered, “seems to be getting worse.”

Microsoft currently only requires employees in essential positions to return to work, and the vast majority of employees will be required to work from home until at least September. The company has a mature five-phase recovery plan, which they say can be adjusted to varying circumstances.

“The process of our resumption of work will be gradual — more like turning a turntable than flipping a switch. Microsoft said in the note. “While this turntable is starting to move slowly forward in some areas for us because we’ve opened up some workplaces, we can also move backwards. “

Returned employees are given “welcome kits” including masks and hand sanitizers and are asked via the app if they have any symptoms, if they have been exposed to COVID-19 patients in the past 14 days, and if they are aware of the rules of social alienation. “We are all making sure that our workplace is safe for everyone, including self-monitoring of COVID-19 symptoms,” Microsoft said. “