China App Rises in Global Emerging Markets Ali, Toutiao In India Beats U.S. Giants

Matt Sheehan, a research fellow at the Marco Polo think tank at the Paulson Foundation, recently wrote that the popularity and popularity of Chinese applications in the world’s major emerging markets over the past few years is catching up with that of the United States.

China App Rises in Global Emerging Markets Ali, Headlines In India Beats U.S. Giants

Top 10 downloads of non-gaming apps in India in 2015 and 2019

Especially in India, the world’s largest emerging market, Chinese products such as Tiktok and the Indian version of “kuaishou” VMate are already well ahead of U.S. applications. Tiktok is an overseas version of VMate, Ali’s short video app, which has been living in India for more than 50 million a month.

According to Sensor Tower, six of India’s top 10 apps for 2019 downloads are from China, compared with just three in the U.S. on the list. This is a match for the same period in 2015.

Meanwhile, in major emerging markets such as Brazil, Indonesia, Egypt and Nigeria, The Chinese app has also won over the local crowd over the past four years.

Matt Sheehan points out that the global dominance of US technology products depends almost entirely on Facebook, whose WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook and Instagram are everywhere, with 87 per cent of the market in emerging countries.

China’s share of such markets is made up of more diverse companies. Ali’s UC browser and short video platforms, VMate and ByteDance Tikotok, account for a significant market share in these emerging countries. Although none of the apps in BAT have any applications in the top 10 downloads, it does not affect the catch-up advantage of Chinese products.