Google Maps integrates new translation features to make traveladays abroad easier

Traveling abroad can be a very interesting experience, but it can also be worrying, according to foreign media, Betanews. If you don’t know the local language well, you may be concerned about how to communicate with people when you need help, such as when asking for directions. Fortunately, smartphones make traveling abroad easier thanks to translation and navigation apps.

Google Maps integrates new translation features to make traveladays abroad easier

Google offers two of the best solutions of its kind – Google Maps and Google Translate. Now, the search giant is improving its interoperability. Now, when you click on a location in Google Maps, the translation software can prompt the place by voice in the local language. For example, after entering a taxi and clicking on Google Maps to go where you want to go (restaurants, hotels, etc.), your smartphone alerts the driver to the location in an audible way so that he or she knows your destination.

“This month, we’ll add a new translator feature that allows your phone to say the name and address of the location in the local language. Just click on the new speaker button next to the location name or address and Google Maps will say it out loud, making your next trip easier. When you want to have a deeper conversation, Google Maps quickly links you to the Google Translate app. “Google Maps product manager Laszlo de Brissac says.

De Brissac added: “This text-voiced technology automatically detects which language your phone is using to determine where you might need help with the translation. For example, if your phone is set to English and you are looking for a monument in Tokyo, you’ll see a new speaker icon next to the name and address of the location for real-time translation. “

The new feature will be slowly rolled out to iPhone and Android users starting next month. Google said it would first support 50 languages, but did not make a specific list.

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