U.S. doctors find another promising new treatment for coronary pneumonia

The WHO said earlier this week that existing drugs could not kill or stop the new coronavirus, according tomedia reports. Dr. Anthony Fauci said recently that the virus cannot actually be eradicated. But there are already many treatments that can be used to reduce the severity of new coronary pneumonia and shorten the recovery period.

U.S. doctors find another promising new treatment for coronary pneumonia


Currently, WHO is working on four or five of the best drugs that are expected to treat the new disease, but they have found many new treatments based on conventional drugs. The latest treatment is a treatment usually used in treating people with dystrophy.

Doctors at Cedars-Sinai Hospital are understood to have used the experimental treatment for six patients – including growing cells from human heart tissue. The results showed that the treatment improved the overall condition of all patients, who had become terminally ill before then. Now, four of them have been released from their ventilators and discharged, while the other two are still in hospital but are still alive.

Before treating patients with new coronary pneumonia, Dr. Eduardo Marban and colleagues had used the therapy to treat people with muscular dystrophy with heart failure. Given that the new coronavirus can also cause serious damage to the heart, this may be why doctors are experimenting with this new treatment.

To assess the benefits of the treatment, doctors hope the FDA will approve a broader study.