Strategy Analytics: Samsung Galaxy A51 is the best-selling smartphone for q1 2020

The Samsung Galaxy A51 is the global smartphone market for the first quarter of 2020, according to A Q1 research report released by Strategy Analytics. It has a 2% market share with 6 million units of shipments, followed by Red Rice 8. The data also show that consumers are becoming more affordable for Android smartphones.

Strategy Analytics: Samsung Galaxy A51 is the best-selling smartphone for q1 2020

(From: Strategy Analytics)

Linda Sui, Director of Strategy Analytics, said: ‘The total global number of smart machineshipments reached 275 million units in the first quarter, with Android accounting for the vast majority of 86%. In the breakdown, Samsung occupies four of the world’s top six rankings, while Xiaomi occupies two.

The Samsung Galaxy A51 (4G) was the world’s best-selling model for the quarter, accounting for 2.3% of total shipments. It is popular in all regions, particularly in Europe and Asia.

The Red Rice 8 was the world’s second most popular Android smartphone in the first quarter, accounting for 1.9% of total shipments, with high sales in China, India and Europe.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is third with 1.7% of the market and is the only ‘ultra-high-end’ Android model in the top six.

Juha Winter, deputy director of Strategy Analytics, added: ‘In recent years, as operator subsidies have dwindled and economic stagnation caused by the new corona virus pandemic, global consumers have become increasingly sensitive to smart machine prices.

Driven by this trend, samsung Sgalaxy A10s, Red Meter Note 8 and Samsung Galaxy A20s also made it into the 4th to 6th place on the list.

This suggests that many consumers are more willing to shop for products that are worth more, and that the Android mobile device market is entering a new post-high premium.