Yesterday’s domestic Tesla App downtime Many car owners experience “black screen” blind driving

Near 24 o’clock on May 13, several Tesla domestic owners tweeted that the Tesla App was down in large areas, causing the phone to be unable to link to the car, and the phone key to fail, resulting in the inability to obtain vehicle information, the inability to light the interior dashboard, the center screen. Many car owners are in a “blind open” state and are extremely dangerous.

Some owners also said they had been unanswered for the problem, and Tesla’s online customer support responded to questions that the phone app could not directly control the vehicle because of a system server failure. Another owner through the relevant system query shows that the Tesla server domain name certificate expired.

Sina Auto first contacted Tesla China for comment, and as of the time of writing, Tesla did not respond to any response. In addition, there is an analysis of the news that the problem is that Tesla changed the domain name, resulting in client domain name resolution and other issues, but all is just speculation, the real reason only Tesla knows.

Little TApp Response

And just when the owner was at a loss, Tesla App Jr. released a “common” solution to the problem, the solution can be interpreted as the problem may appear in the future, the network can not connect and does not affect the ability to start the Bluetooth key, do not panic, blindly log off the Tesla App login will lead to bluetooth key failure. Some car owners in this article commented that the localization of domestic Tesla is only factory localization, there is a result of the service is not in place.

It’s also worth noting that the Bluetooth key feature that the app says is only for Model 3 models, and the X and S are not.

This isn’t the first time the domestic Tesla App outage has occurred, with Tesla having a large-scale app outage in North America in September 2019. Compared to domestic car owners also have the habit of carrying physical car keys, most North American car owners only use their mobile phones to unlock and start Tesla, the outage caused many owners to “accompany” Tesla after waiting for four hours before returning to normal. According tomedia reports, this is not the first time Tesla’s software has failed, and the app outage dates back to April 2018, when some Tesla owners said there was a problem with the software.

Tesla’s main intention at the time was to integrate service features into its mobile app, which could be used to unlock and lock cars, control climate settings and some relatively basic features. Since then, Tesla has been adding new features to mobile apps that reflect Tesla’s high-class intelligence.

From a customer’s point of view and tesla’s service, these are interesting moves. But if you’re a promotional service in itself, there are bugs that happen repeatedly, which can make users unhappy.