How do I enable the DNS over HTTPS feature for Windows 10?

In a recent preview of Windows 10, Microsoft gave Insider testers the opportunity to test domain name resolution services (DNS) that are transmitted through the Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTPPS). Interested friends can install a compiled version above Windows 10 build 19628 (Fast Ring / Quick Update Channel) and manually enable DNS over HTTPS (DoH). If you don’t know your system version number, you can press the WinKey-R key combination, enter “winver” and query.

How do I enable the DNS over HTTPS feature for Windows 10?

Once the system version number has been confirmed, the DoH client can be activated through tools such as the registry editor:

First, run ‘regedit’ in the start menu as an administrator;

Navigation HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE s system,currentControlSet-Services-Dnscache-Parameters;

New DWORD value named ‘EnableAutoDoh’ is set to ‘2’;

Restart the computer to officially activate the DoH function.

It’s important to note that only large network service providers such as Cloudflare, Google, and Quad9 currently support DoH, and here are some references from themedia, Softpedia.

How do I enable the DNS over HTTPS feature for Windows 10?

To change the settings of the DoH domain name resolution server in the Windows 10 operating system, refer to the following methods:

Network and Internet – Network and Sharing Center – Change adapter settings – – mail connection – – select attributes – Internet protocol IPv4 / IPv6 (select according to the actual situation) – – -gt; manually specify DNS address

Later this month, Windows 10 Version 2004 (also known as the 2020 May Update) will be available to a wide range of users.

However, Microsoft is not expected to officially introduce DoH Domain Resolution services to the Windows 10 fall update later this year.