Programmers cheer: GitHub unveils first native mobile app

At the annual Universal conference on Wednesday local time, GitHub, Microsoft’s software project hosting platform, announced several new products and announced the overall availability of tools tested by developers over the past few months, foreign media reported. Developers are probably most interested in the release of GitHub’s first native mobile app and its improved notification experience. In addition, the company will launch a beta version of The Workflow Automation and CI/CD solutionGitHub Actions and GitHub Packages.

Programmers cheer: GitHub unveils first native mobile app

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GitHub is also improving its code search capabilities, adding booking alerts, and launching a pre-release program that allows users to experiment with new features before they are ready for a broader rollout.

GitHub also extends its sponsor program to proprietary project levels, and now anyone can help fund a project, and members of the project can choose how to use the money. These projects must be open source and must involve a company or non-profit entity.

Shanku Niyogi, GitHub’s senior vice president of product operations, said today’s announcement was driven by the company’s mission to improve the developer experience. He stressed that in the past year, the company has introduced more than 150 new features and enhancements. However, at its Universal conference, the company decided to highlight new mobile apps and notification enhancements.

Programmers cheer: GitHub unveils first native mobile app

The new mobile app is now available in beta on iOS, and Android is coming, and users expect all the basic features to be available so they can share discussion feedback, view the code and make changes.

Of course, others have previously developed mobile apps for GitHub.

The second major new feature is the improved notification experience. As every GitHub user knows, GitHub’s notifications may be increasing. So the GitHub team decided to dramatically improve its notification capabilities, including adding filters and inbox for receiving all notifications inside GitHub.

Kelly Stirman, vice president of strategy and product management at GitHub, says developers’ e-mail clients can have a lot of notifications that can ultimately make it difficult to distinguish important information. “Over the past year, we’ve done a lot to improve the notification feature and even reimagine what notifications should look like. ”

Programmers cheer: GitHub unveils first native mobile app

With filters and new improvements, developers can focus on notifications that matter to them. Developers can customize these filters to their liking, which is where the new mobile experience improves. “A lot of times, notifications are still sent to you when you’re not in front of your computer, ” says Mr Stillman. So we thought it was natural to extend the GitHub experience from desktop to mobile. ”

When it comes to notifications, GitHub also announced a new feature in previews that adds more notifications to your inbox, and now you can set reminder plans for code reviews.

In other announcements, the improved code search feature stands out because it’s definitely an area for improvement. This new code search is currently in beta, but should be available to all users in the next few months. GitHub says it will introduce a new search experience that matches special characters and case.

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