“Spy” spin-off drama ends, “The Stumbling Block” season 2 cancels

On May 14,media reported that the second season of the spy action movie series “The Stumble” will not be available to meet the audience. Due to the high cost of production of the series, the ratings did not meet the requirements of the producers, “The Stumbling Block” will officially “end.”

The first season of “The Stumbling Block” premiered on October 15, 2019, and the “Trump” program, which has been mentioned many times in the “Spy” story, has become the focus of the series. Agents played by Jeremy Irvine, Gabrielle Sharnitsky and others lurk around the world, and the process of being “awakened” by the “Two Tigers” is unforgettable.

In the suspense left by the first season, these agile agents will do more lethal tasks, and now it seems that the spin-off story is over.

The second season of “The Stumble” will not be able to meet the audience.