“Diablo 4” four-minute demo of the Wizard’s Battle world Boss

Following a 20-minute demo from three careers, foreign media GameInformer brought a world boss combat demo of Diablo 4. In the demo, the operator uses the Wizard to play World Boss with other players. In battle, the Mage can use his forward sprint skills to escape attacks to survive. The skills released are nothing more than three kinds of ice and fire electricity, you can see that the ordinary attack is the ice system, can also summon meteorites.

World Boss, though it may look clunky, is slightly scratched and the blood volume bottoms out. The world’s Boss also sprays a considerable range of aOE gas from time to time. In the video, the operator is also killed by The World Boss and then has to be resurrected at checkpoints.

From the video, because the Mage body plate is too brittle, plus their own professional design, so playing the world Boss suitable for attack from long distance, not melee. But when the trick is made, it seems that he is in a state of rage, turned into an electric regiment battle.

After the world Boss kill is the time to pick up equipment, good face words may drop rare items.

Diablo 4 is built with a new engine developed by Blizzard to land on PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

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