Equipped with ultra-sensitive micro PTZ lens! Vivo X50 Series Scheduled June 1

As early as this year’s APEX 2020, the machine equipped with micro PTZ  camera,   many people were impressed.

Equipped with ultra-sensitive micro-cloud lens! Vivo X50 Series Schedule June 1

It is reported that the micro PTZ lens can achieve a number of tilted anti-shake, whether it is the anti-shake angle or the anti-shake dimension, the effect is even better. After testing, the anti-shake angle of the micro PTZ lens was greatly improved by 200% compared to the ordinary OIS optical stabilization, and the picture integrity was preserved to a greater extent.

This function effectively reduces  because of the hand shakes into a piece of fuzzy regret, dynamic video recording can also enjoy silky film-level smooth, with the hand shot of the film rate greatly increased. At the same time, more stable handheld shooting can also effectively extend exposure time, but also give the APEX 2020 has a powerful night shooting capability.

Since the micro PTZ lens is so powerful, when will it be commercially available? There is finally an answer to this question today.

Today vivo’s official microblog announced that the flagship Vivo X50 series of professional images equipped with ultra-sensitive micro PTZ cameras will be launched on June 1.

Equipped with ultra-sensitive micro-cloud lens! Vivo X50 Series Schedule June 1

From the topic of the Vivo X50 series super-light micro PTZ can be seen from the series in the field of night shooting and stabilization performance is worth our expectation!

As for the vivo X50 series screen size, battery capacity, camera pixels and other related parameters, there is no news out, we will continue to pay attention.