By 2020, China’s 40 business elites under the age of 40 Zhang Yiming Xuli and others on the list

This year, Fortune (Chinese edition) went on to publish a list of China’s 40 business elites under 40. 2020 is a special year for all. Under the epidemic, these young business leaders have not only succeeded in their careers, but more importantly, they have used various methods to try to solve public problems in order to achieve a win-win situation for business and society.

By 2020, China's 40 business elites under the age of 40 Zhang Yiming Xuli and others on the list

Let’s take a look at their faces.

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Zhang Yiming (37 years old)

Founder and Global CEO of ByteDance

By 2020, China's 40 business elites under the age of 40 Zhang Yiming Xuli and others on the list

ByteDance made a personnel change in March, and Zhang Yiming became the company’s global chief executive. This shows his attitude that ByteDance’s ambitions are not just in China. In fact, the company’s overseas launch of the short video product TikTok’s total global downloads have reached 1.9 billion, in February 2020 a monthly revenue of $50.4 million, the Indian market reached 81 million monthly active users. Although the Indian government briefly banned TikTok downloads in April last year, India remained a major market for TikTok throughout 2019, accounting for 44 per cent of all downloads.

Even so, Mr. Zhang faces a huge challenge, and in addition to facing powerful rivals such as Tencent and Baidu at home, he is under scrutiny in the United States. But in any case, Zhang Yiming and his ByteDance have become “variable” companies in the global mobile internet.

Xu Li (38 years old)

Co-Founder and CEO of Shangtang Technology

By 2020, China's 40 business elites under the age of 40 Zhang Yiming Xuli and others on the list

In a July 2019 interview with Bloomberg, Mr. Xu said the company was valued at more than $7 billion. Artificial intelligence, he argues, is a tool for productivity gains. After accumulating enough AI computer vision and deep learning engine technology, Shangtang Technology began more upstream and downstream layout of the industry in the past two years, Xu Li said in September 2019, the company will make a big push into semiconductor and other fields, the past two years has been developing an artificial intelligence training chip, this chip may complement The Venda’s industry-leading products. Reuters previously reported that Shangtang Technology’s 2019 revenue is expected to grow 200 percent year-on-year to $750 million.

Ma Chunxuan (39 years old)

Founder and CEO of Several Kun Technology

By 2020, China's 40 business elites under the age of 40 Zhang Yiming Xuli and others on the list

The Ma Chunxuan team created the world’s leading medical AI neural network with more than 1 billion neurons that understand the semantics of every pixel in a medical image, and seconds to reconstruct clear and accurate digital organs such as 3D digital heart, digital brain, and digital lung. During the outbreak of new coronary pneumonia, Ma Chunxuan led the team to rapidly develop the new coronary pneumonia artificial intelligence auxiliary diagnostic system during the Spring Festival, using AI technology to quickly realize the CT image of patients with new coronavirus pneumonia in a short period of time to achieve rapid and accurate identification, evaluation and follow-up follow-up;

Cheng Wei (37 years old)

Founder and CEO of Drip

By 2020, China's 40 business elites under the age of 40 Zhang Yiming Xuli and others on the list

Outside the net, drips continue to break through boundaries, such as the recent launch of a new service: drip running errands. And first in Chengdu, Hangzhou, two cities pilot operation. Drip believes that the launch of the leg-running service is to facilitate community residents during the new coronapneumonia outbreak, and to provide drip drivers with the opportunity to obtain additional income. In fact, all the time, dripping with the United States in the takeaway service competition, it seems that Cheng Wei does not want to give up the extension of services outside the network car. In addition, during the outbreak, Didi announced the establishment of a “health care support convoy” and “community protection convoy” in Wuhan free transportation of medical workers and community residents.

Cebu (38 years old)

Founder and CEO of Fast Hand

By 2020, China's 40 business elites under the age of 40 Zhang Yiming Xuli and others on the list

In February, the Fast Hand Big Data Research Institute released the 2019 Fast Hand Content Report. According to the report, Fast Hand DAU has exceeded 300 million in early 2020, with nearly 20 billion massive videos in the Fast Hand App, and 250 million people posted their work on the Fast Hand platform in 2019, with more than 350 billion likes on the platform. Not only that, fast hand is also using its huge flow advantage, into the field of e-commerce. 2019 is known as the year of the live-streaming e-commerce, to live-streaming goods-based fast-hand e-commerce, during this period has also been rapid development, become second only to Taobao live-streaming e-commerce platform.

Shen Yichen (30 years old)

Founder and CEO of Lightelligence

By 2020, China's 40 business elites under the age of 40 Zhang Yiming Xuli and others on the list

Photo credit: COURTESY of lightelligence

Shen graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Ph.D. in 2016. During his 2014 reading, he published a paper entitled “The Angle Selection of Wide Band Optics” as the first author in the journal Science, which for the first time achieved the choice of the direction of light propagation at the material scale. Lightelligence has successfully developed the world’s first photonic chip prototype board (Prototype). For the company, which was founded for a year and a half, the prototype of the chip was born, validating the groundbreaking idea of some members of the team published in the 2017 issue of nature Photonics’ journal, using photons instead of electrons for AI computation. But at that time, the entire photonic computing system they developed in the lab occupied half of the lab.

Mao Wenchao, Yu Fang (36 years old)

Founder and CEO of Little Red Book

By 2020, China's 40 business elites under the age of 40 Zhang Yiming Xuli and others on the list

Photo credit: COURTESY OFTheshu

Xiao Hongshu is one of the few companies to have a joint investment with Tencent and Alibaba. It is considered a lifestyle platform and a gateway to consumer decision-making for young people, with more than 300 million users as of July 2019 and continued to grow rapidly, with 70% of users in their late 90s. As of October 2019, the number of live users of Xiaohong Book has broken 100 million. “In the trend of online life, how to guide consumption to complete the closed loop, to help more new brands, big new consumption, this is the next small red book to do.” “

Xu Zheng (39)

Founder and CEO of Daily Good

By 2020, China's 40 business elites under the age of 40 Zhang Yiming Xuli and others on the list

Photo credit: COURTESY of MissFresh

Fresh e-commerce in the new corona pneumonia outbreak for the user’s life has provided a convenient. According to data from Trustdata, a third-party data agency, the four major first-tier cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou account for nearly 60% of the application users, ranking first in the industry. During the outbreak, through the emergency deployment of source resources, efforts to ensure that the distribution of the time and other measures, the daily volume of excellent fresh increased by more than 300%. Xu Zheng has said that the company is currently in the mature area has 10% of the cash flow is positive, the next 12 months will be in the country’s major cities through the profit model, mature areas will achieve profitability.

Peng Bin (37)

Founder and CEO of Extreme Fly

By 2020, China's 40 business elites under the age of 40 Zhang Yiming Xuli and others on the list

Photo credit: COURTESY OF XAG

Peng Bin, who left his job as a Microsoft engineer in 2007, founded Extreme Flying Technology in Guangzhou. For a long time, Extreme Fly technology produced common civilian drones for aerial photography and other purposes. After a border survey in 2013, Peng Bin adjusted the development direction of Extreme Fly to the field of agricultural plant protection. From Heilongjiang to Xinjiang, from rice to cotton, from spraying to artificial pollination, the annual “flying hand” team of ultra-flying drone users has carried out large-scale cross-regional farmland operations in China during the agricultural years, and has so far asked for more than 8,000 acres of farmland and more than 1.3 million farmers to provide services. In 2019, fly-flying drones will play an important role in the battle to kill grassland swastoes in China’s southwestern provinces. Extreme Fly also began to work in agricultural unmanned vehicles to complement the drone operation short boards that were limited by natural conditions, so that Peng Bin could more confidently announce that Polarfly is not a hardware manufacturer, but an agricultural science and technology company.

Zhou Yuan (39 years old)

Know founder and CEO

By 2020, China's 40 business elites under the age of 40 Zhang Yiming Xuli and others on the list

Photo credit: Huang Zongzhi Xinhua News Agency/Newscom

This year, it was announced that the number of paying subscribers had quadrupled in the year to the end of February from the same period last year. Know that the member business has formed a complete closed-loop ecosystem. Build on hundreds of millions of users and continue to tap into the derivative value of the question-and-answer community to help creators get more out of it. Zhou Yuan believes that commercial ization does not necessarily affect professionalism and neutrality. There is no natural contradiction between the two, but rather to see how commercialization is carried out. Know gathered a lot of excellent creators, covering a lot of niche, cutting-edge topics. They create very professional, objective and valuable content, but there is currently no way to get a reasonable profit. “What we want to do to motivate them to continue to produce this kind of professional content.” “

Yang Feng (38 years old)

Founder and CEO of Tianyi Technology

By 2020, China's 40 business elites under the age of 40 Zhang Yiming Xuli and others on the list

Tianyi Technology is one of the leading commercial space companies in China, the number of satellites in orbit in the country ranked first. At 16:52 on December 7 last year, three satellites, Tianyi TY16/17 and Tianyi TY18, independently developed by the Tianyi Research Institute of a private satellite enterprise, were successfully launched at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center. This is the 10th space mission in the three years since the establishment of Tianyi Research Institute, which has successfully launched 18 satellites. Yang Feng likens the satellite to a computer, “The satellite is a computer that works in space, there is no difference, but now the satellite is as big as a house.” So this is a huge opportunity, and the satellite industry’s Moore’s Law is beginning to develop. “

Li Sheng (39)

Kayudi Founder and CEO

In 2009, Li founded Cayodi Biotech, which focuses on the development of molecular detection instruments. The field testing instruments of Cayudi bioenables enable molecular diagnostics to be miniaturized, rapid and simple, enabling everyone to benefit from molecular diagnosis. Cayodi now has the world’s leading “nucleic acid-free field rapid nucleic acid detection technology platform” and more than 50 core patents, as well as a number of international PCT patents, in 2015, “Kayudi” with the Chinese Academy of Military Medical Sciences to non-medical rescue team, to help with ebola virus screening. In 2016, Li set up the Cayodi Medical Laboratory, which focuses on the precision health services of women and children in the microbiome group in the field of health, and attempts to combine front-end research and development with follow-up medical services. In the 2020 outbreak of new coronary pneumonia, The new coronavirus nucleic acid-free RNA testkit developed by Cayodi has been verified by authorities to enable rapid screening of new coronaviruses within 1 minute.

Zhao Zhenhong (34)

Founder and CEO of Baibu

Zhao Zhenhong is the founder and CEO of Baibu, China’s largest textile fabric smart supply chain platform. Baibu one side to connect upstream blank cloth factory and the first-level wholesaler, jointly build a blank cloth production intelligent cloud factory, one side to connect the first-level wholesaler and downstream small and medium-sized garment manufacturing plant, jointly establish the industry’s high-quality finished cloth trading platform. By the end of 2019, Baibu completed the D-round financing of 300 million U.S. dollars, which is currently China’s textile fabric field the largest single round of financing. Baibu 2019 full-year sales of nearly 10 billion, the industry upstream production link of the “artificial intelligence Internet of Things” equipment has been laid more than 100,000 looms, systematic coverage of the entire industry loom production capacity of about 8%, and has covered 70% of the industry’s finished cloth a group of vendors and product categories. Zhao Zhenhong focused on integrating and upgrading China’s textile industry supply chain, for yarn factory, weaving factory, printing and dyeing plant, garment factory all links to achieve the “artificial intelligence Internet of Things” digital transformation, while opening up warehousing, logistics and the whole chain of trading closed ring.

Lou Yun (31 years old)

Founder and CEO of Hangzhou Jiayun Data Technology Co., Ltd.

Lou Yun founded Hangzhou Jiayun Data Technology Co., Ltd. in 2013. The data-driven e-commerce company, which uses a big data-based supply chain model, combines big data intelligent computing, mining and professional buying teams to include clothing, shoe bags, accessories, beauty, 3C, homewares, and fast and inexpensive international logistics services. Club Factor, the company’s main product, ranks first in India and the United Arab Emirates and second in the Philippines in the IOS Shopping App Downloads Ranking. During the 2019 India Diwali promotion period, Club Factor’s local order volume increased by 700% compared to the same period in 2018, with more than 100 local sellers ordering more than 15,000 orders per day. Club Factor accounts for a significant share in India. Lou said Club Factor’s goal is to provide a market in which both buyers and sellers can benefit.

Wang Ning (33)

Founder and CEO of Bubble Matt

By 2020, China's 40 business elites under the age of 40 Zhang Yiming Xuli and others on the list

Wang Ning founded Bubble Matt Culture And Creative Co., Ltd. in Beijing in 2010, and over the past ten years, he has continuously built a comprehensive operating platform covering the whole industry chain of fashion toys around the four fields of artist mining, IP incubation operation, consumer touch and promotion and cultivation of hipplay culture. At present, Bubble Mat has more than 1,000 sales outlets in the country, into China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and Oceania and other 22 regions and countries. Bubble Mat has also signed a European expansion agreement with Baby Watch to expand into the European market from France, with Wang Ning’s goal of global operations. As Bubble Matt gradually builds a complete industrial chain covering designers, factory supply chains, retail channels, and international fashion toy fairs, Wang Ning hopes to create a closed loop of the industrial chain by integrating a large number of IP resources, supply chain, offline retail channels, and online community operations.

Zhang Sai (37 years old)

Founder and CEO of Wingfi Automation

Zhang Sai founded Yifei Automation in 2012 to develop and produce parallel robots (13.350, 0.13, 0.98%) and related automation production lines. Parallel robots are a segment of the robot, and Zhang said what he wants to do is to get the robot “live”. Parallel robots are a segment of the field of robotics because they are particularly fast and can replace manual repetitive work. Zhang Sai once explained its work with sorting chocolate, “If a bag of colorful chocolate beans is scattered on a rolling conveyor belt, parallel robots can visually identify colors, the different colors of chocolate beans quickly sorted out, 200 sugar beans, in a minute can be completed.” “Wing Fi automation main products express wing high-speed parallel robot, widely used in food, medicine, photovoltaic, consumer electronics, daily chemical, logistics and other industries sorting, handling, packaging, glue, palletizing and other links. In early 2020, Yifei will be the mask automatic packaging system free of charge to mask manufacturers to use, a single system can replace 4-6 people, production efficiency more than doubled.

Huang Xiaohuang (36 years old)

Founder and CEO of Cooljiale

Unlike other home SaaS, Coolfamily, founded in 2011, is known for its “technical hard core”. Huang Xiaohuang founded Cool Jiale in 2011 and established KooLab Frontier Technology Laboratory, Cloud Design Technology Research Institute and “Whampoa Research Institute” in Hangzhou and Shanghai, forming the “one-size-three-wing” of the potential energy of the technology. Huang Xiaohuang established a hardware and software rendering system based on parallel computing and distributed computing, high-performance cloud 3D engine, precision parametric production control engine, high-performance vector computing engine and other core capabilities of the platform, design as an entrance, link the large home industry ecology, for home enterprises to provide coverage design, marketing, production, construction, management, supply chain and other scenes of solutions and services. At present, Cool Kale has covered 90% of China’s household library, the total number of registered users more than 25 million, the cumulative total rendering of more than 800 million, cooperation more than 16,000 brand enterprises, China’s home market overall coverage of more than 70%.

Chen Zhaoxuan (36 years old)

Founder and CEO, Agile Robots

Chen Zhaoxuan is the founder and CEO of Agile Robots. Prior to that, he was the only senior Chinese researcher at the German Aerospace Center, responsible for the development of the world’s most sophisticated and integrated space robot dexterous hand, still in service on the International Space Station. The creation of Agile Robots is Chen Zhaoxuan’s practical practice of promoting the technological development and industrial application of robotics and artificial intelligence, with the smartest, most stable and most adaptable humanoid robotics technology, and subverting the ideal landing of the medical, industrial and service industries. Agile Robots completed four rounds of financing in one year, with a 20-fold increase in valuation. Agile Robots continues to push the technological limits of artificial intelligence and multi-perceptive robots to the technical limits of multi-perceptive robotics, robot vision, motion planning, adaptive operations, human-machine collaboration, imitation learning and enhanced learning, while Agile Robots has also achieved success in the commercial landing and productization of artificial intelligence-plus-robots such as medical robots, the automotive industry, and the consumer electronics industry.

Wen Shuhao (39 years old)

Chairman of Jingtai Technology

From scientists to entrepreneurial leaders, Wen is unique. He has 11 years of study, research and work experience at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the University of California, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has a wealth of research experience and theory in computational physics, quantum chemistry and other fields, published 27 high-quality SCI papers, his research in 2014 by the United States “Science” real name quoted, rated as “the leading scientific research results.” During the outbreak of New Corona pneumonia, he broadcast a lesson as a host: How artificial intelligence can help develop special effects drugs quickly.

In 2014, during his postdoctoral research at MIT, Wen worked with partners to co-found Jingtai Technology and become chairman, leading multiple rounds of financing with a cumulative total of more than $73 million, securing investments in leading capital such as Google, Tencent, Sequoia China, and China Life Health Fund, as well as co-operating with the world’s top pharmaceutical companies and research institutions, including Pfizer and SSCI. Wen Shuhao led Jingtai Technology to deeply cultivate the field of AI pharmaceutical, providing intelligent drug research and development services for global innovative pharmaceutical companies, while empowering each participant in the platform to reshape the value chain of the pharmaceutical industry.

Chen Yu (39)

PingPong Founder and CEO

Chen Yu took a path from LP to entrepreneur, he graduated from Fudan University’s Mathematics Department to the University of Connecticut to study for graduate school, then worked at Ping An Group Investment Management Center and was responsible for strategic asset allocation and asset and liability management, and worked as a manager at Deloitte Consulting’s New York headquarters, leading the team to provide capital and risk direction consulting services to major international financial institutions.

In June 2015, Chen Yu founded Ping Pong, which led the company to become the head company of cross-border collection and cross-border payment in China, serving more than 800,000 cross-border merchants and bringing in more than US$10 billion in cross-border collections each year.

PingPong has received investments from Fidelity, Guangfa Securities (13.730, 0.22, 1.63%), and CICC, a financial payment company that hopes to cut in from cross-border merchants and establish a closed-loop ecosystem, focusing on artificial intelligence, anti-money laundering, anti-fraud, machine learning and other fields. From Pinyin’s point of view, PingPong and PingAn seem to have a “relative” relationship, may also be mistaken for a ping-pong club, in fact, it has Chinese name: Hangzhou Yi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Wang Yuze (33)

Founder and CEO of Elok Aviation Technology

Mr. Wang positioned Elok Aviation Technology as “a map company with content attributes” to create an ecological closed loop for the acquisition, processing, distribution and application of spatial data. The company he founded in 2015 was one of the first in China to lay out a 3D reality map. Elok’s self-developed drone flight control system, which achieves self-mining of space data by matching different payloads for drones, has signed strategic cooperation agreements with natural resource units in more than 10 provinces such as Jiangxi, Hebei and Jilin, to expand 3D reality map data in a cooperative manner, and to establish a market-oriented joint operation mechanism for data assets. At present, Elok has completed the collection of three-dimensional reality maps in 18 cities across the country, with its own data of about 30,000 square kilometers, concentrated in the core areas of first- and second-tier cities.

Wang Min (39)

Founder and CEO of Love Inventory

Love inventory is a main inventory brand special sales platform, founded more than two years, now has more than 6,000 brand business, covering men’s wear, women’s clothing, children’s clothing, food, jewelry, home, self-employed and other industries.

Wang Min is a programmer, has been trading Taobao’s business, has more than 10 years of e-commerce, retail industry and management experience. In 2014, when he went to Fudan University to listen to a class, he was motivated to do a de-stocking e-commerce platform; in 2015, Wang Min opened a brand discount store in Shanghai, is a offline test water destocking platform; in September 2017, Wang Min located S2b2C model to create love inventory App, in which S is a supplier, b is a distributor (micro-dealer), C is the terminal consumer, love inventory business model is the intelligent platform, digital ization system, digital ization system, connect ingenuity to every member of this ecology.

Love inventory has been won by Zhongding Ventures, Tencent,, Shunfeng, Junlian Capital, Jianfa Group investment, showing investors on the “supply chain plus consumption” business model recognition. Its A-round financing of 100 million yuan, currently in the C round.

Chang Jing (38 years old)

Founder and CEO of Stone Technologies (378.000, 3.41, 0.91%)

By 2020, China's 40 business elites under the age of 40 Zhang Yiming Xuli and others on the list

Picture Source: Supplied

Visual China (20.000, 1.60, 8.70%)

From ordinary subway workers to the chairman of a $7.7 billion listed company, Chang Jing spent eight years, and his entrepreneurial experience is the envy of his peers. Chang Jing graduated from South China University of Technology in 2006 with a major in computer science and has worked for Microsoft, Tencent and Baidu. In July 2014, Chang Jing and three other partners jointly invested 200,000 yuan to set up Stone Co., Ltd., the first product display was favored by Xiaomi, won Xiaomi millions of dollars of investment, and became Xiaomi eco chain enterprise.

As a new generation of technology entrepreneurs, one of Chang’s idols is Jobs. He appreciates Jobs’s ultimate pursuit of products.

Stone Technology Company’s products include stone sweeping robot, rice sweeping robot, rice home handheld vacuum cleaner, small tile sweeping robot. In the global field of laser navigation sweeping robots, stone technology products account for the majority of the market share. On February 21, 2020, Stone Technology landed on the Science and Technology Board.

Wu Yue (37)

Chasing the Founder and CEO of One Technology

By 2020, China's 40 business elites under the age of 40 Zhang Yiming Xuli and others on the list

Photo credit: COURTESY of Zhuiyi Technology

From Tencent T4 technical experts, Head of AI Platform To The Founder of Chasing Technology, Wu Yue quickly realized the transformation of his entrepreneurial role, breaking through in the four years of entrepreneurship, leading Chasing Technology to become China’s leading artificial intelligence enterprises and digital employee service providers.

Although an engineer, Wu Yue also has a good keen on business, the pursuit of technology and the market “chemical reaction”, so that really deep into the enterprise-level application of this barrier deep market. Chasing one product sought after in finance, real estate, retail, automotive, telecommunications, energy, Internet and other vertical industries. Chasing one technology is currently in the field of natural language processing (NLP) in the international leader. Wu Yue’s team was highly recognized by investors and received investments from capital institutions including China Merchants Capital, China Migration Innovation Industries (60.160, 5.47, 10.00%) funds, Innovation Works, Chenxing Capital, Gaoyu Capital and GGV.

Wu Weixing (37)

Founder and CEO of Good Care

In 2015, Wu Weixing founded Good Care for the elderly population in the current age range of 60 to 70 years old, mainly to solve their health and old-age problems. The solution provided by good consultation is that the child pays a certain fee each year, from the good diagnosis to provide their parents with a medical examination, health management to insurance payment one-stop service. By the end of 2019, good consultation has served a total of 6 million users, more than 270 prefecture-level cities across the country to achieve service coverage, to establish a high-tier urban work children to manage the health needs of low-tier urban residents living in the network. In 2019, Good Care and industry partners jointly launched geriatric medical insurance for the elderly, providing a medical payment plan for possible old-age risks, thus building a complete closed loop to help children manage their parents’ health.

Zhu Ning (38)

With Zane founder and CEO

Zhu Ning, the founder and chief executive of Zan, is better known than his founder and chief executive, Zhu Ning. As early as 2000, Zhu Ning has been associated with the Internet, has been the founder of UCDChina, co-founder, Beta Friends founder. In 2012 he hatched at his Beta cafe in Hangzhou and founded the company’s predecessor Pocketpass. After its official change in 2014, it was mainly engaged in retail technology SaaS services. At present, Zan has a number of fully help merchants to operate mobile social e-commerce and omni-channel new retail SaaS software products and talent services. On April 18, 2018, Zan completed its listing in Hong Kong. In April 2019, Tencent led the company with a HK$1 billion financing. On August 8, 2019, Baidu received a $30 million strategic investment. In the face of Taobao, the United States and other public domain traffic platform traffic promotion costs are higher and the operating initiative is low status quo, more and more businesses began to gradually pay attention to the private platform low traffic costs, directly face the advantages of user active operation. As the head enterprise of saaS service of domestic e-commerce, the development of Zan will fully benefit from this trend.

Yan Tianlan (31 years old)

Founder and CEO of Mekamand Robotics

By 2020, China's 40 business elites under the age of 40 Zhang Yiming Xuli and others on the list

Photo credit: COURTESY of Mech-Mind Robotics

Yan Tianlan graduated from Tsinghua University. While studying for a master’s degree in Germany, he was involved in the development of state-of-the-art industrial robots at a well-known robotics company. In 2016, He returned from studying in Germany to start Mekamand Robotics. Most of the core technology of China’s smart manufacturing is monopolized by foreign countries. Yan Tianlan saw this pain point, the use of AI and other advanced technology, developed 3D vision, deep learning as the core of intelligent industrial robot solutions, can help logistics, manufacturing and other industries users to solve the production line material, handling and other complex, heavy, high labor costs.

Today, Yan Tianlan’s main service integrators, robot manufacturers. Mekamand Robotics has been invested by German Capital, Huatron Capital, Galileo Capital, Qiming Ventures and Intel Capital, and in March 2020 it will receive the B-round main financing led by Sequoia Capital.

Ji Xiaochen (36 years old)

Founder and CEO of Spectrum Technology

Shadow Spectrum Technology is currently the leading provider of intelligent image production technology and application solutions aimed at the industrialization of artificial intelligence vision technology, focusing on the production efficiency of visual content and the way of presentation of technology research, for the media, culture, science and education and other industries to provide one-stop intelligent solutions. As a leader in the combination of domestic vision technology and artificial intelligence technology, shadow spectrum technology focuses on independent original image vision technology, to achieve automatic production of images, in 2019 won the highest award of China’s intelligent science and technology “Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Progress Award.” The company has now completed the D-round financing, with a valuation of up to 10 billion yuan. Founder Ji Xiaochen was also selected as the “2018 Chinese Work Intelligence Outstanding Person” for his outstanding business achievements.

(30 years old)

XSKY Star Star CEO

Star Skyhe is the first project in China by Red Dot Fund, an investment firm in Silicon Valley. Investors think that The experience of Qi crossed the traditional IT and the Internet, the re-opening and upgrading their ability is particularly strong, as 90, he has a strong appeal, can influence others, good at the market curry and technical geeks to form a team, with an overage maturity.

Since its inception in 2016, XSKY has been committed to creating an autonomous and controlled underlying facility that helps customers innovate their data center architecture and address key issues in the management, storage, reading, protection, and flow of data infrastructure in the hybrid cloud era. Over the past four years, XSKY has won 500-plus customer cases, including Chinese Bank of China, Pacific (3.240, 0.02, 0.62%), CITIC Bank (5.070, 0.00, 0.00%), China Mobile, China Telecom, etc. IDC reports that XSKY ranks in the overall market share ranking of storage as defined by China Software (87.530, 3.04, 3.60%), with the object storage segment ranking first for 10 consecutive quarters and the block storage segment third.

Yao Zhifeng (35)

Founder and CEO of Qing Feng Era

Yao Zhifeng, founder and CEO of Qingfeng Era, has been working in 3D printing for nearly a decade and has a rich industry resource sand and technical background. Qingfeng era is committed to the realization of 3D printing of large-scale applications, to create a new manufacturing model and ecology with both customization and batch. Yao Zhifeng led the team to successfully conquer the world’s leading high speed 3D printing LEAP! “Technology, printing speed is more than 100 times faster than traditional 3D printing, accuracy up to micron level. This innovative technology improves printing efficiency and material performance, reduces production costs, breaks through the bottleneck of industry development applications, and enables 3D printing to be used as a new digital manufacturing method, and direct mass production of end products with functional application scenarios. Yao Zhifeng said that the ultimate vision of the Qingfeng era is to apply technology to mass production manufacturing, to solve the pain pointof of traditional manufacturing industry, to achieve the “smart interconnection” of manufacturing industry.

Xu Yubin (39 years old)

Founder and CEO of Feng Nest

Express cabinet has appeared only five years, but has become an indispensable facility in many urban communities in the country. In this field, the main “Internet plus” industry’s rich nest technology development is very rapid. Xu Yubin, the founder of Feng nest, known by the media as having the “express gene”, stepped into the society for the first job of sending couriers, and over the years accumulated rich industry experience in all aspects of the express industry. Inspired by the advanced experience of improving the efficiency of express delivery abroad, Xu Yubin put forward the idea of “smart express cabinet” to Wang Wei, the founder of shunfeng at the time, and obtained 500 million yuan investment from Wang Wei in 2015, opening the way to start a business for couriers to “reduce the burden and improve the efficiency”. Feng nest technology to smart express cabinet as the entry point to provide the last kilometer express delivery solution, through the strengthening of smart devices and people, courier and commercial outlets link, in solving the terminal logistics and distribution problems in sync to provide diversified delivery services, with user experience as the core to create the last kilometer of radiation urban life circle.

Wei Jiancang (39 years old)

Deep Blue Founder and CEO

By 2020, China's 40 business elites under the age of 40 Zhang Yiming Xuli and others on the list

Founded in 2013, Deep Blue is an innovative technology company focused on the independent research, production and sales of underwater intelligent equipment, providing products and industry solutions such as cable-controlled underwater robots (ROVs), autonomous underwater vehicles (AVs) and underwater gliders (AUG). The name is a company unfamiliar to the public, producing underwater robots in Chongqing Wanzhou bus crash, Panjiakou diver death, Phuket shipwreck and a series of underwater rescue activities, have played an important role.

Wu Yun (39)

Founder and CEO of Cloud Information

Founded in June 2015, Yunyi Information (Ticket Easy) is a professional provider of supply chain information collaboration and VAT invoice management cloud platform solutions that provide software services based on Internet and cloud innovation for many large enterprises. It-born Wu Yun has worked for Baoxin Software (55.900, 1.90, 3.52%), is responsible for building Baosteel Group’s financial sharing service center system, with scarce experience in the construction of the super-large enterprise financial sharing center. The company’s core team has more than 20 years of experience in finance, taxation, supply chain management and information construction. Its self-developed “ticket easy access platform”, the comprehensive use of artificial intelligence, deep learning and other IT technology, to help enterprises successfully complete the “business reform” transition, tax revenue reduction, release capital vitality, to ensure financial security. By 2019, Yunxuan Information has served more than 140 Fortune 500 companies, including Wal-Mart, Vanke Group, China Resources Group and Alibaba Group, with more than 1.9 million upstream and downstream co-tax numbers. In October 2019, Yunyu Information completed nearly US$100 million c round of financing, plus five previously completed rounds of financing, the cumulative amount of financing exceeded 1 billion yuan.

Shen Peng (33)

Founder and CEO of Waterdrops

By 2020, China's 40 business elites under the age of 40 Zhang Yiming Xuli and others on the list

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COURTESY OF Shuidichou

Last year’s “sweeping fund-raising” controversy did not shake the lead of water drop-up in the field of online fund-raising. By the end of February 2020, water drip spouts had raised nearly 28 billion yuan of free medical aid for patients with financial difficulties, resulting in nearly 900 million love gifts. By February 24, 2020, the cumulative number of loving users exceeded 300 million. In a recent media interview, Shen Peng said that “from the beginning of the start-up is to want to do Internet universal insurance.” Waterdrop’s 2019 financing of nearly $1.6 billion is clear. In 2019, the merger of WaterDrop Insurance Mall and Drop Water Drop Mutual will become an insurance protection business group. As of the end of February this year, the number of insured users in the Water Drop Insurance Mall exceeded 70 million, of which more than 30 million new users were added in the January-February period, equivalent to the growth of users for the whole of 2019.

Anne Chen (28 years old)

Quick Look at Comics Founder and CEO

By 2020, China's 40 business elites under the age of 40 Zhang Yiming Xuli and others on the list

After 90 son entrepreneur Anne Chen and Fast Comics are the most successful capital stories. Since its establishment in December 2014, Quick Look Comics has conducted five rounds of financing, gaining the favor of Head Investment Institutions such as Sequoia Capital, hedge fund Coatue Management and Tencent, with a cumulative financing of nearly 2.5 billion yuan.

Quick-looking Comics is China’s largest original comic sabre platform and interest community. By January 2020, The total number of people who watch comics exceeded 200 million, with more than 40 million monthly live, and more than half of the comic book market. Fancy Comics is number one in the Chinese Comics App.

Chen Is also an original Chinese comic book writer. Her work, Nima! This is the university! Finalists for the China Animation Golden Dragon Award, “Annie and Wang Xiaoming” won the 10th China Animation Golden Dragon Award for best humorous comic gold medal.

Li Tong (36)

Founder and CEO of Dyna Lang Smart

Dynamo Smart was founded in 2010 to focus on the development and production of indoor unmanned distribution robots. Founder Li Tong worked for The Incubation Team at Microsoft’s Asian Academy of Engineering and was involved in the development of the Robotic Studio project for Microsoft’s robotic operating system project. So far, the company has iteratively released 9 products, and has achieved offline commercial scene landing, broadening the service field and application scenario of unmanned delivery robots. At present, Dyna Lang Intelligence has been and more than 1,000 B-side customers to cooperate, into more than 400 cities and more than 20 countries and regions around the world.

In the new coronapneumonia outbreak, Dynamo Lan donated and landed robots to the hard-hit areas of Hubei, Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Henan, Hunan, Jiangsu and other more than 10 provinces and cities, more than 50 hospitals and isolation points, and with Wuhan Fushenshan, Leishenshan Hospital and other docking needs, emergency communication to provide medical-grade robot services and solutions.

Yang Wei (36)

Founder and CEO of Shanghai Express Smart Technology

In 2014, Yang Wei formed the core team of Quickcan intelligence, using advanced technology such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and other advanced technologies to empower intelligent logistics robots and “smart brain” operating system, relying on the “global research and development and scene verification center” to promote industry-level technological innovation, the whole industry chain to improve, for users and industry transformation and upgrading to provide a huge thrust. Express warehouse intelligent research and development and manufacture of more than a dozen intelligent logistics robot products, to meet the world’s 15 countries more than 30 industries more than 500 enterprise users of the handling, picking, sorting and other needs, including more than 60 industries in the global head enterprises.

In 2019, under the overall guidance of Yang Wei, Quickcang Intelligent released the third generation of intelligent robots and “smart brain” EVO system, leading the logistics robot industry into a highly intelligent 3.0 era. At present, Fast Warehouse Intelligence has been in the Czech Republic, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Canada and other overseas markets layout of intelligent no-man’s warehouse. Mr Yang said the move from globalisation to service globalization was one of the company’s core strategies since 2019 and that the next step would be to gradually set up service centers in the business coverage area, with the proportion of revenue in overseas markets expected to rise significantly over the next two years.

Deng Jinhong (35 years old)

Founder and CEO of One Mutian

By 2020, China's 40 business elites under the age of 40 Zhang Yiming Xuli and others on the list

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Visual China

Before the creation of an acre of land, Deng Jinhong had two entrepreneurial experience. In 2011, saw the huge development potential of the rural market Deng Jinhong left Baidu, officially created an acre of land. An acre of land focused on agricultural products (8.300, -0.21, -2.47%) of the original market, to build a B2B e-commerce platform for agricultural products, for a certain scale of agricultural products business entities to provide deal-making services. Platform is positioned to promote “agricultural products into the city”, is committed to “make every acre of land more valuable”, while deep-cultivated industry chain services, to provide soybean cattle sales, flying pigeons and other bulk trade services, to promote the convenient circulation of high-quality agricultural products. In the agricultural field adhere to deep cultivation for nine years so far, an acre of field platform has more than 24 million registered users, more than 12,000 kinds of agricultural products sold, products from more than 2,800 counties, has developed into the current mobile app users the largest number of agricultural e-commerce platform. Since the outbreak of new crown pneumonia outbreak, an acre of fields dedicated to the online “fighting the epidemic” channel, collection platform and government departments at all levels of more than 5,600 agricultural products difficult to sell information for the whole platform efficient docking, online cumulative success of more than 5 million times;

Wu Bing, Wu Jie (36)

Founder and CEO of Graphite Documents

By 2020, China's 40 business elites under the age of 40 Zhang Yiming Xuli and others on the list

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Wu Bing (left) and Wu Jie are twin brothers who founded graphite documents in 2014. As China’s first cloud Office office software that supports real-time collaboration, graphite documents enable multiple people to edit and discuss on the same file at the same time, with simultaneous response times of milliseconds. In addition to the SaaS version, privately deployed versions that meet the requirements of enterprise on-premises storage files have served many large and medium-sized enterprises. At present, graphite document users are widely distributed in the Internet, education, real estate, manufacturing, new retail and other more than 30 industries, with the continuous optimization of product performance, graphite documents as China’s leading new generation of basic office software, the 2019 amount renewal rate of more than 120%, in the new corona pneumonia outbreak, graphite documents in telecommuting played an important role.