Love and kill? “Conscience software vendor” Microsoft’s Apple development path

Media reported that Microsoft Office is developing support for the iPad mouse/trackpad, many people call Microsoft “conscience developers.” Microsoft and Apple are both among the world’s largest technology companies, with direct competition for many of their products. However, as the front-row soldiers in their respective fields, they can not ignore each other’s existence, in some areas even have cooperation, can be said to be “love and kill”.

Recently,media reported that Microsoft Office is developing support for the iPad mouse/trackpad, Microsoft Remote Desktop is directly in the update wrote that “the next version will provide native mouse and trackpad support”, which makes many people call “conscience developers.”

In fact, Microsoft in Apple eco-development is not the first time, the two companies have many products are also linked. Some of these cooperations are active and open, some are passive compromise, combined with the history of these two ups and downs, in fact, is a very interesting story.

Graphic user interface patent dispute, Bill Gates: We don’t really lose

Microsoft first started out with software, really taking off by getting an order from the then giant IBM, and then Apple called “Apple Computer Company”, by assembling computers to start. The two would have been in good luck, there was no direct competition between each other, and Microsoft developed Word, Excel, and PPT software for Apple’s Mac platform between 1984 and 1987.

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During this time, Bill Gates visited Apple’s headquarters to see a prototype of the Mac’s graphical user interface that Jobs showed. In 1985, Microsoft released Windows, the operating system for graphical user interfaces, when IBM computers, which were dominated by the market, became more scalable and cheaper. This has a direct impact on the competitiveness of Apple computers in the market, and the relationship between Apple and Microsoft has developed to the point where it has become a bridge.

In 1988, Apple took Microsoft to court for infringement, and Microsoft threatened to stop the development of Excel on the Mac side. External market share decline, internal Apple is also experiencing turbulence, Jobs left, Apple has launched Apple Newton, digital cameras, game consoles and other products to save the market, but failed.

On the other side, Microsoft is relying on the success of Windows and Office, firmly occupying the pc market share. The patent battle with Apple finally came to an end in 1995, when the court rejected Apple’s claim. Bill Gates later admitted in his interactions with netizens that neither Microsoft nor Apple were actually victims of the image user interface controversy, both of which were inspired by Xerox’s designs.

Full interview: Reddit

Jobs returns, Microsoft injects $150 m into Apple

The relationship between Microsoft and Apple really eased after Jobs returned to Apple in 1997. At that year’s Macworld conference, Jobs staged a “return of heroes” spectacle, cheering as much as the entertainment stars, and in a 30-minute speech, he acknowledged Apple’s mistakes over the past few years and announced a series of reforms, one of which was to be more open.

In the second half of the speech, Microsoft appeared on the screen as a partner, and there was a burst of boos and no-nos in the audience, and Jobs’ expression was a little helpless, but he calmly introduced the next collaboration. The first is to mark a less “perfect” end to the patent war, with the two sides signing a five-year cross-licensing of patents and sharing a portion of the patents. Microsoft Office will run on your Mac for five years, with major releases in sync with the PC platform.

Then there’s the iE as the default browser on the Mac, and there’s a boo underneath, with Jobs explaining: “IE is also a great browser, and of course users have the right to change their default settings.” “Last but not least, When Jobs announced that Microsoft would buy $150 million of non-voting Apple stock in the market, there was a round of applause as the audience realized that the previous series of “compromises” were in fact the $150 million exchange, and that Apple might have been “saved.”

(This presentation is a classic and is highly recommended for viewing, replying to “Macworld” backstage at The Geek Choice for a full video link.) )

Learn from each other and achieve win-win results

Apple is really “going away”, while Microsoft’s side is embroiled in government antitrust investigations and public controversy. After Apple released its landmark iPhone in 2007 and renamed itself “Apple,” Bill Gates announced his retirement, and Microsoft failed to gain a foothold despite struggling to compete with Apple and Google in mobile devices.

In 2012, Microsoft broke with the tradition of not doing computer hardware and launched Surface computers to compete. Apple’s iPad series already has a share of the tablet market, but the two are different and have not been caught up in a direct confrontation. At this time, Microsoft and Apple have learned to learn from each other, in order to win, not positive.

In 2015, Apple released the more ambitious iPad Pro, with a keyboard, stylus and appeared to be on the surface. And as if history were back in the game, Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president, asked the audience when introducing his partner: “Who knows best about productivity?” “There’s a moment of silence underneath, ” of course it was Microsoft. “The audience just burst out laughing.

Microsoft developers demonstrated a three-piece Office set optimized for the iPad Pro, including split screens and support for Apple Pencil. Adobe, the second partner on the show, has also had a bad relationship with Apple, another example of a win-win partnership.

Conscience iOS Developer – Microsoft

Next up for a new feature of Apple’s products, the conscience developer Microsoft will almost always support the iPhone 6s’ 3D Touch, the Apple Pencil adaptation of other software, including upcoming Office mouse/trackpad support.

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Microsoft has even launched a Microsoft Pix camera app on the iOS platform to showcase its AI technology. It supports the synthesis of a high-quality photo with multiple photos, a clearer portrait in low light, art filters and dynamic images like Live Photo. The app was named Time magazine’s 2016 Top 50 Best App of 2016, and The Next Web reviewed: “Microsoft has created the best and easiest camera app on the iPhone and iPad. “Well, conscience iOS developers are hammering it.

In fact, for Microsoft and Apple, the mass giant, the business cooperation and competition is the norm. At the same time in the face of the outbreak, Apple and Google also did not break the gap, co-launched a health information tracking tool? In the end, only to let their products are used by more people, to achieve greater value, as to which system the software runs, running in the equipment of the home, in fact, can be discussed.