Tesla’s next superfactory is in Texas? Sources say Musk has chosen Austin

Tesla, which plans to build 10 to 12 superplants around the world, is also planning to build a superfactory around the world after production or construction of superplants in Reno, Nevada, Buffalo, New York, Shanghai and Berlin, Texas, sources said. Media said in the report that Tesla’s next plant site in Austin, Texas, was revealed by a very reliable source.

Tesla's next superfactory is in Texas? Sources say Musk has chosen Austin

However, the source only revealed that Musk has chosen Austin, has not yet determined the specific location of the plant, but the source said that even if not in Austin, at least close to the city of Austin, Tesla has several locations to choose from, but no final decision has been made.

Media reports also show that Tesla’s plant in Austin will be used to produce the electric pickup Cybertruck, which launched in November and plans to start mass production next year, while the latter, launched in March, began production at its assembly plant in Fremont in January and began delivery in March.

According tomedia reports, Musk is hoping that the plant will start construction quickly and put into operation, and he has asked the engineering team at the Nevada super plant to start working on the new plant, with the goal of producing Model Y by the end of this year, which is planned to be built much faster than the Shanghai Super plant, which took only 11 months from construction to approval for production.

Of course, the source also revealed that Tesla’s goal should be to build a assembly line by the end of the year, with production capacity, they will continue to build factories to increase the capacity of different components next year, and later next year, start production of electric pickups.