NASA to launch fossil search on Mars

Foreign media reported that when it comes to fossils, it is believed that people will think of objects such as the Tyrannosaurus rex, but NASA’s Mars 2020 will be looking for fossils on Mars is not such fossils. NASA’s research article, published this week in the journal Icarus, is expected to mention some fascinating structures of the probe’s exploration object on Mars, the inner edge of the Jezero crater.

NASA to launch fossil search on Mars

The agency likens these concentrated carbonate deposits to a bathtub ring, which was once a lake at $3.5 billion.

NASA to launch fossil search on Mars

NASA says that on Earth, carbonates help form cold-resistant structures, which are enough to allow them to survive billions of years in fossil form, like shells, corals and some laminated rocks — rocks formed by ancient microbial life along ancient coastlines, where sunlight and water are plentiful.

NASA doesn’t expect to find the shells, but the probe will carefully monitor the presence of laminated stones. It’s clear that if scientists can spot signs of microbial life in the past on this now uninhabitable planet, it’s going to be a very exciting thing.

It is reported that Mars 2020 is scheduled to launch in the middle of next year, if all goes well, it will reach the target crater in February 2021.

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