AOC celebrates winning LOL Silver 4

As a popular online game, LOL has millions of players in the U.S. But now we know that one of them is Senator Alexosio-Cortez, a Democratic congresswoman from New York. Recently, the AOC posted a screenshot on the social network celebrating his silver 4th in LOL.

AOC celebrates winning the Hero League Silver 4

(Photo from: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez)

On Wednesday, aOC shared an Instagram story showing that it had successfully qualified as a Silver IV player in the LOL game.

In this multiplayer online competition (MOBA) game, players need to improve their ranking through their performance. From the iron entry, all the way to the bronze, silver, gold grade launch.

AOC celebrates winning the Hero League Silver 4

(Screenshot via Cnet)

As for her role in LOL, in a response to netizens last year, it said its main choices were Morgana, Lux and Miss Fortune, and that she was taking on Anivia.

In fact, as a congresswoman in the Bronx and Queens, the AOC isn’t the first time it’s been generous to talk about its love of the game. Last January, for example, he mentioned topics such as N64, Mario 64 and Pokemon Snap while attending a Twitch charity event.

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