GM’s Smart Auto Start-Stop System Patent Exposure

As a special feature on modern cars, the unintelligent automatic start-stop technology has been slotting by many users, some modelsetting does not allow manual adjustment of the automatic start-stop function on or off. The good news is that GM decided to apply new machine learning-based technologies to improve the user experience for auto-stop. It is reported that the system will combine GPS, camera and other sensor technology to determine when to turn off the engine.

GM's Smart Auto Start-Stop System Patent Exposure New Feature is no longer a worry

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As an important function of energy saving and emission reduction, automatic start-stop has been introduced in recent years on the model is quite popular, but this does not mean that they do not have more room for improvement.

Because the system is not determined to be smart enough, some users even manually turn off the feature as soon as they get on the bus (because many cars can’t opt out for long-term shutdowns and will be turned back on each time they start).

However, if we can achieve smarter automatic start-stop trigger logic through technical means, the user experience can be greatly improved. Now, IT has found a better solution based on the Global Positioning System (GPS).

Car and Driver reported Tuesday that GM has acquired a new patent related to smart start-stops that can use on-board GPS systems and other sensors to determine traffic and terrain conditions to determine whether it’s beneficial to turn off the engine at this time.

It is reported that the system will combine GPS, vehicle perimeter cameras and various sensor data to train neural networks, so that the driving computer to know whether the road is clear, and whether the driver wants to go down at any time a foot throttle to seize a favorable position.

If you can combine this patented technology with a light-mixed drivetrain, automatic start-stop will no longer be an annoying feature, and the driving computer will become smarter over time.

Unfortunately, it’s not clear when GM plans to actually integrate the technology into production models, but we’re looking forward to it.

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