Bus passes and tickets in Google Pay are removed when the app is unloaded

Digital wallets and mobile payment systems guarantee great convenience compared to the use of cash and bank cards. However, you may lose your phone or accidentally uninstall the app. When the app is unloaded, the bus passes and tickets in Google Pay are removed, according to foreign media.

Bus passes and tickets in Google Pay are removed when the app is unloaded

Google Pay has been around for years, and just last year it was able to store train tickets and bus passes on your phone, making it definitely one of the most convenient features in the digital wallet. Unfortunately, when you uninstall Google Pay from your phone, these will be deleted.

In fact, it is normal for mobile apps to remove all (or almost all) of data from a device as part of their cleansing, security, and privacy measures. That’s why there are frameworks and so on that developers can save data in the cloud. As the first party to the Google app, you might think that Google Pay is the same, but obviously not.

The Google Pay Shipping Update Support page reveals that these passes and tickets are removed as the app is unloaded. Data is stored on local devices for security purposes and to prevent abuse. Unfortunately, users don’t know this until they uninstall the application.

Users have no choice but to contact their bus agency and discuss how to recover the ticket. Google does provide steps on how to get a ticket, but only if users can still access the Google Pay app in one way or another.

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