Analysts expect Apple’s next-generation iPad and iPad mini to bring bigger screens

Kuo, an apple industry chain analyst, said the company plans to launch a new 10.8-inch iPad and a new model with a larger screen size than its predecessor. The former will be available in the second half of 2020, while the latter is said to be between 8.5 and 9 inches in size and will be announced in the first half of 2021.

Both iPads are affordable models, and apple’s long-rumoured augmented reality glasses are expected to be available sometime in 2022.

“As GIS will be the largest medium-sized touch panel supplier, it will be the leading touch panel supplier, thanks to Megasite’s cost advantage,” the paper said. The two new iPads will follow the iPhone SE’s product strategy, selling at affordable prices and faster chips. ” 

Analysts expect Apple's next-generation iPad and iPad mini to bring bigger screens

Kuo earlier noted that Apple is working on an iPad mini with a mini-LED display, possibly as soon as possible later this year, but it’s unclear whether the larger iPad mini reported in the latest study is the same model.

Back in November, it was reported that Apple was developing two separate devices, one an AR headset planned for 2022 and the other ar glasses that were not available until a year later, and it was unclear which of them Kuo was referring to.

Apple has confirmed its acquisition of virtual reality company NextVR, a clear sign that it is serious about AR/VR technology. It is rumoured that Apple’s first AR headset will be designed similar to Facebook’s Oculus Quest, but with a comfortable fabric and a focus on lightweight, a high-resolution display, and a new virtual reality-oriented rOS operating system will be the first of its kind.