The Importance of Real Machine Presentations from Microsoft’s Launch

Last week’s Inside Xbox show was a surprise, and viewers who watched the live broadcast must have forgotten what they had seen, and the only thing left to us to discuss was Assassin’s Creed: The Temple of the Injury, which didn’t deliver on its promise to release a live-action video. There will also be an Inside Xbox show in July, this time with an xbox game studio’s first-party game lineup, which includes next-generation Xbox debuts.

After last week’s loss, I hope Microsoft can see one thing clear: Players want to see a live demo of the game, not a CG trailer.

The Importance of Real Machine Presentations from Microsoft's Launch

CG animations are deceptive.

When we were young, we couldn’t stand the gimmicks, had a lot of time, had a lot of losses, but now that we’ve grown up, the CG trailer has not worked. And with the development of image technology, the current game reality screen is often not inferior to CG animation, so the meaning of CG animation is only to deprive the player of the interactive operation, forcing the player to see the plot of a function.

Of course, the game’s debut show itself is one-way, no interaction. So the CG trailer this form certainly has the application of the occasion and value, but for a game that has already released a CG animation, more CG animation will not produce additional propaganda, players to see the real machine demonstration. It’s not unreasonable to make a splash on E3 2018 with an hour-long live demo.

Negative teaching materials

In fact, the real machine demonstration can also be water fraud, can not represent the quality of the finished game, so do not take CG animation to fool things. Say a screenshot of the chicken blood and a real-life demonstration of watering, you have to say a few years ago Ubisoft. All Over the Block and Watchdog are all too E3, the reality of the show’s picture added too many chicken legs, the result really on the host’s performance in the eyes of shrinking. Perhaps Ubisoft also learned the lessons of the time, so it is only now to release CG animation. But this completely uses one error instead of another.

And Anthem. “Anthem” is not the picture shrink so simple, its real-life demonstration is too exciting, let people feel that they see is only the tip of the iceberg, the results really play only to find that the gold jade its external defeat. Of course, “Anthem” problem in the middle of the development has been buried hidden, and can not blame one or two publicity films and real-life demonstrations, but at least their presentation is honest, sincere, but their development capacity has reached the limit, have the heart powerless.

Is a real-life demonstration a curse?

In fact, the real-life demonstration shrinkage is inevitable, because the game development is bound to be accompanied by changes, the picture quality may shrink may also be enhanced, but shrinking when resulting in a kind of experience of being cheated. So manufacturers are also learning to be cautious, but only those studios who speak hard to the end to be announced, such as Ubisoft, EA, Activision, such as 3A big factory, need to give shareholders financial results, need to complete key digital indicators, they must publish some news in advance to keep the heat, so they have been faced with excessive publicity and excessive silence between the contradiction.

Fortunately, Sony’s first-party studio at Microsoft Nintendo is in the hard-talking category, with less pressure to hand over and, most of the time, a ticket-jumping or snow-covered option. That’s why we saw that the Nintendo Face of the Press and Sony State of Play were mostly available for live demos, and that the shrinkage was largely non-present. So the Inside Xbox in July still has some basic protection, depending on the strategy of Microsoft’s marketing department.

Should game makers rethink the “real-world demo”?

Although the starting point for this article is the Launch of Microsoft’s Inside Xbox, the issue is actually the entire 3A gaming industry. Although CG animation still has the meaning and necessity, but the various manufacturers of the market announcement department should learn a lesson from the public opinion, should re-reflect their game’s propaganda strategy. Player groups have been growing, the previously good use of the way was eaten through the road to death, but as long as it is with good faith to come, there will be no bad results.

So although “Assassin’s Creed: The Temple of the Spirit” the first wave of the loss, but not allow edgy can rely on the follow-up real-life demonstration to earn back word of mouth. In a special time when the game has the opportunity to grow, all the big things are the future.