Intel 10nm Mature: Tiger Lake-U 11 Generation Core Base Frequency 2.8GHz

Although the Intel 10nm process has blossomed on the Ice Lake 10 Core processor, it is clearly far from mature enough to be used in low-power products, the frequency is far from substandard, the base frequency is only 1.3GHz, the maximum acceleration is only 3.9GHz, even for Apple’s special i7-1068NG7, thermal design power consumption from 15W to 28W after only 2.3-4.1GG.

Compared to, 14nm has been played with fire pure green, desktop flagship i9-10900K even rushed to 10 core 5.3GHz, mobile platform i9-10980HK also in 45W thermal design power consumption to achieve 8 core 5.3GHz.

According to the plan, Intel will release a new generation of low-power mobile platform Tiger Lake-U in the middle of this year, which will be included in the 11th generation Core sequence, and has previously seen the i7-185G7, i7-1165G7 models.

Now, a new Tiger Lake-U has appeared in 3DMark, apparently 15W version, 4 core 8 threads, the base frequency to achieve 2.8GHz, compared to the current 15W regular version of 1.5GHz, compared to the 28W special edition is also 500MHz higher, but the acceleration frequency is unknown, but certainly can easily exceed 4GHz.

Tiger Lake will use an upgraded 10nm process to integrate the Willow Cove CPU architecture, the Xe GPU architecture (first time), and the relevant lightweight product is expected to be available this fall.

Intel 10nm Mature: Tiger Lake-U 11 Generation Core Base Frequency 2.8GHz