Researchers are developing a mask that can alert them when a coronavirus is detected

Personal protective equipment is seen as a key step in the next step as the coronavirus crisis enters a new chapter and as the global economy begins to gradually reopen the process of opening up and attempts to strike a balance with the life of the COVID-19 virus. If you live in some states and territories in the United States, people will gradually be allowed to return to public places, and it is clear that people will increasingly see signs posted by businesses, forcing people to wear masks into, and keeping social distance.

In fact, a group of about 100 medical experts, including Nobel laureates, has signed an open letter urging everyone to wear a mask when they go out in public or at work. Uber drivers and employees now have to wear masks, and Apple has been working to make it easier for people to use iOS and Face ID while wearing them.

At the same time, a new mask is being developed, which is very different from the mask most people wear now, and may even save your life.

Researchers are developing a mask that can alert them when a coronavirus is detected

Researchers affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University are reportedly working on a mask that not only protects others from your bacteria, but also lights up when sensors detect the presence of a coronavirus and alert you to potential dangers to yourself and others when you encounter a coronavirus.

Bioengineers at both agencies have been working on sensors that can detect other viruses, Ebola and Zika, for the past six years, Business Insider reported. What they are doing now is adjusting all the studies and these sensors to detect the presence of coronaviruses, which can be detected as long as the person wearing the mask breathes, sneezes or coughs.

The work is currently being carried out along two tracks – testing the ability of masks with sensors and sensors that can be connected to over-the-counter masks. Early tests have shown hope, and the team is considering showing how it all works in a few weeks.