Open source privacy browser Brave launches 1.0 official version

The Free Source Of The Brave Browser has released 1.0 official version today. During beta testing, it has already attracted 8 million live users. But now, the full stable version has been pushed to Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS all over the platform. As a browser with privacy features, Brave automatically blocks third-party ads, trackers, and video autosof.

Open source privacy browser Brave launches 1.0 official version

(Pictured: Brave, via TheVerge)

Users can adjust these settings to the actual needs. But for trouble-a-resonated people, Brave’s default privacy settings are already quite practical.

While other browsers have also taken steps to block trackers and ads, most are restricted or need to be enabled manually.

Earlier this year, Mozilla Firefox began blocking certain types of trackers by default. Safari also blocks third-party trackers for sites that users don’t visit frequently, but has trackers that allow users to visit frequently sites, but lasts them to a single day.

Microsoft Edge is still testing a feature that blocks certain types of trackers by default ( expected to arrive in the January 15 update).

In May, Google announced plans to launch a similar tool, but did not plan to block cookies on a large scale, and has yet to see any actual action.

Instead, the company expects to provide a way to block certain types of cookies in Chrome in its February 2020 default setting.

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