“GhostBusters” comics officially ended 4 years of serial ushered in the final return

“GhostBusters” 205 words have been published with the 18th release of “Weekly Junior Jump”, after a period of 4 years and 3 months of serial, this comic is finally ushered in the end. According to themedia Livedoor, in the last words, the author has made “the next back to usher in the climax” and other advance notice, did not mention the “final words” or “end” and other statements, so the news also came out “the next time is the final words?” “The opening of the new chapter?” “And so on, different guesses. The popular comic, which eventually released more than 60 million copies, is still coming back today.

According to the introduction, jiying the British society also announced that the future will be through the “Weekly Junior Jump” published in the yanzhu purgatory apricot Shoulang as the main character of the short “purgatory out of the prison”, in addition to the “ghostly blade” created by Hiroshi Shino, “the blade of the ghost” launched.

The First Volume of “Blade of Ghost” (Via:Livedoor)

“Ghosting Blade” began in February 2016 in the weekly boy Jump magazine opened a series, the author of the 205 words of the story of the hot blood of the era, let us look forward to the future Crocodile teacher to bring us more wonderful works.