Mozilla Firefox 84 will stop supporting Adobe Flash altogether

Adobe is expected to abandon its support for Flash altogether later this year, and browser makers have been preparing for this historic moment for years. Mozilla recently announced a final step in which the mainstream browser maker plans to completely abandon Flash’s browser support this year to protect users.

Mozilla Firefox 84 will stop supporting Adobe Flash altogether

More specifically, Mozilla recently revealed that it will release The Firefox 84 browser in December 2020 and will no longer be able to run any Flash content.

Currently, The Flash that comes with Mozilla Firefox is disabled by default, but users can manually enable the plug-in if necessary, which is not recommended and is considered a security issue by many people, but considering that not all websites have migrated to HTML5, this is the only way to do so for the time being.

In the near future, however, Mozilla will end Flash in Firefox. The next important time node is scheduled for October, when Mozilla will stop the NPAPI plug-in from the browser’s Nightly build. Mozilla typically brings firefox into the Nightly and Beta versions to make sure everything works. Once these earlier versions of Firefox are tested, Mozilla will extend them to stable version channels.

Mozilla isn’t the only company to give up On Flash, and as you read this, Chromium Browser is doing the same thing. Like Firefox, the whole process is staged, so it’s still months before Flash disappears from all browsers forever.