Tesla tells employees to reopen plant request approved for 1-3 months

May 18 (UPI) — Electric car maker Tesla has notified its employees that its Fremont plant in Alameda County, California, has been allowed to resume operations this week, and health officials have approved safety measures at the plant,media reported.

Tesla tells employees to reopen plant request approved for 1-3 months

Laurie Shelby, Tesla’s vice president for environment, health and safety, wrote in an email to employees that the approval from Alameda County health officials means Tesla has local support to fully resume production from this week. Representatives for Tesla and the county did not respond to requests for comment outside normal business hours.

Alameda County’s current “in-place asylum” order does not allow factories, warehouses or manufacturing plants to operate, but the agreement with Tesla could resolve a public dispute with its chief executive, Elon Musk. Musk has previously threatened to move Tesla’s headquarters, manufacturing operations and future projects out of California, and has sued county health officials to resist a request for the Fremont plant to reopen. It is unclear whether Musk will deliver on his warning.

Musk’s recent comments and threats have elicited mixed reactions. U.S. President Donald Trump and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Tesla should be allowed to reopen, with the mayor of Palo Alto, where Tesla is headquartered, and Fremont, where the plant is located, expressing support.

But other California politicians have criticized Musk, whose rocket company, SpaceX, was denied a request friday for state funding to support job training and recruitment. California Gov. Gavin Newsom says Tesla is not getting more preferential treatment than any other company.

“It’s a spirit of cooperation,” Mr Newsome said. You must step up enforcement and sanctions for those who continue to pursue actions that endanger the safety of the people. But in the case of Tesla, that is not the case. They did work closely with Alameda County, and health officials are confident that Tesla will meet the reopening standards. “

Alameda County officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment. But last week, county health officials said they would allow Tesla to reopen this week if it met certain safety requirements. Previously, Tesla developed a safety plan for the Fremont plant.

But even after the Fremont plant is allowed to re-production, it will take some time for Tesla to return production to pre-discontinuation capacity and need its supply chain to support their car production.

Tesla, meanwhile, has updated the delivery schedules for model Y and Model 3. Tesla says its U.S. Model 3 orders have a delivery time of five to seven weeks. This period is 4 to 8 weeks before the plant closes.

As for the electric SUV Model Y, buyers will have to wait longer to receive the car. Tesla says the Model Y could be delivered for as long as eight to 12 weeks.