Zerodium announces suspension of iOS vulnerability: too many hackers involved

Zerodium, which is willing to pay $2 million for a vulnerability in Apple’s iOS operating system, said it had suspended its purchase of the platform because of a recent surge in the number of hackers targeted at the platform,media reported. In other words, the company is no longer willing to spend that much money on iOS hackers — just because there are so many hackers involved.

One possible reason for the surge in attacks on iOS is that more and more researchers are looking for security vulnerabilities in Apple’s operating system and jailbreaks that can be reverse-engineered to double-check code, Zerodium said. As a result, the company is no longer interested in the specific types of iOS vulnerabilities for several months.

“We will not be acquiring any new Apple iOS LPE, Safari RCE or Sandbox escapes for the next two to three months because of the high number of submissions related to these vectors,” the company said on Twitter. “In the near future, the price of non-persistent iOS one-click content may fall. “

Zerodium announces suspension of iOS vulnerability: too many hackers involved

“Only PAC and non-persistence can stop it from going to zero … and it’s not going to be able to do that,” said Chaouki Bekrar, CEO and founder of Zerodium. But we’ve seen a lot of vulnerabilities that bypass THE PAC, and some of the persistent vulnerabilities (0 days) that exist on all iPhones/iPads. Let’s expect iOS 14 to be even better. “

Apple is expected to release iOS 14 this fall, most likely with the next generation of iPhones. However, a preview version of the operating system update is expected to be released at the WWDC meeting and an earlier beta release to testers shortly after the meeting.