Moderna vaccine trial shows early signs of viral immune response

U.S. vaccine concept shares moderna expanded to more than 30 percent after the company said the vaccine mrNA-1273 for new coronary pneumonia was safe and well-tolerated; According to a sample of data from a small-scale first human trial, from Moderna Inc. The experimental vaccine shows promising early signs that it can produce an immune system response that helps the body fight the new coronavirus.

Moderna vaccine trial shows early signs of viral immune response

The company said in a statement Monday that the main purpose of the study was to observe the safety of the vaccine, with no major warning signs shown in small Phase I trials. The trial was conducted in conjunction with the U.S. government, and Moderna plans to continue to advance the broader trial.

The researchers also examined blood samples from the subjects and whether the vaccine helped them produce antibodies that could fight the virus. The researchers found that at the two lower dose levels used in the study, the antibody levels found after the second consolidation injection were equal to or exceeded the antibody levels of patients recovering from the infection.

“It’s a very good signal that we’ve produced antibodies that can stop the virus from replicating,” Terphane Bancel, chief executive of Moderna, said in an interview. The numbers, he said, were “too good to be better.”

Bancel says the safety seems to be good and the response is typical of the vaccine response. These reaction symptoms include pain and redness at the injection site, as well as temporary fever or chills that quickly self-disappear, he said.

Bancel said it felt the need to release interim data on the trial because of the significance of the matter.

The second phase of the trial is expected to begin soon, and Moderna said in a statement that the final phase of the trial will begin in July.