“Cyber Qibing 3” website domain name change owner into Tencent holding

Last week, the owners of the Web Oddsoldier 3 and Cyber Qibing 4 websites changed hands, from developer Otherside Entertainment to Chinese company Tencent,media VGC reported. Previously, the domain names of these sites were registered under Paul Neurath, entertainment director of Otherside. This seems to suggest that Cyber Warrior 3, which had previously been hampered by financial problems, has found a new owner.

Tencent is Asia’s second-largest company by market capitalisation ($490 billion) and has invested in more than 800 companies around the world, including Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft, Epic Games and more.

The developers of Cyber Warrior 3 are looking for new investments throughout 2019, separated from their former partner Starbreeze, the publisher of Harvest Day.

Creative director Warren Spector told VGC last May that their negotiations with a number of interested publishers were progressing and that they themselves had enough money to stay there for a long time. Otherside Austin Studios, however, appears to have had a problem this year, when an anonymous developer toldmedia that its development team was no longer employed, and LinkedIn resume confirmed the departure of senior leaders.

Otherside has not received an official response since the incident, and studio director Spector has not spoken on social media for more than three months. In addition, Otherside’s official accounts on Twitter, INS and FB have not been updated this year. As of the time of writing, LinkedIn showed that Otherside’s Texas studio had only four employees, including Spector himself.

Last month, Walter Somol, the company’s marketing manager, broke his silence, insisting they were “still here”, but soon confirmed that he had left the company.

Somol was previously based in Otherside’s main studio, boston, Massachusetts, where he developed the 2018 hit game “Underworld: Rise,” while his studio in Austin, Texas, developed Cyber Warrior 3.

Cyber-Warrior 3 was last seen at GDC 2019, when Spector confirmed it was built using a Unity engine. The game was licensed by Night Dive Studios in Vancouver, Canada, which owns the rights to the Cyber Warrior series.