Windows 10 “Cloud Reinstall” Experience Without Usb Drive

Microsoft recently released an update to the official version of Windows 10 2020 (v2004), one of the important improvements to the new “cloud reload” feature. It is well known that the installation of Windows 10 has not been enough for civilians, although it has been much simpler than the older version. But cumbersome boot disk production, mirror file download, or let a lot of small white users are discouraged.

The addition of the “cloud reload” in the Windows 10 2020 release is equivalent to an automated system installation. It saves the process of starting disk production, mirror file download and so on, and then completes it automatically by the operating system, which greatly reduces the operational difficulty of system maintenance.

Windows 10 2020 “Cloud Reinstall” Experience

1. Two “cloud reload” methods

For different user environments, Windows 10 2020 offers a total of two “cloud reload” modes. They are reloaded under Windows, and how to reload when you can’t get into Windows. In general, the two methods operate in a similar way to meet different user environments. But one thing, either, you need a normal network connection.

2. Ability to access Windows

This is the most common case, Windows 10 has been used for a long time, the system is wrong, the speed is slow, at which point reloading the system can often solve a large part of the problem.

1) Open “Settings-Update and Security-Recovery” and click “Reset this PC – Start”;

Click “Reset this PC”

2) Select “Keep my files” or “delete all content” according to the actual situation;

Choose according to the situation

3) Click the “Cloud Download” button, as to download the installation image (about 4GB), it is strongly recommended to use WIFI or wired network;

Click on “Cloud Download”

Since you want to download the image, it is recommended to do so under WIFI or wired

4) Here is the system initialization process, which lasts about 1 minute, and a dialog box pops up later. From the tip, the entire reset is roughly divided into the following steps: setting back to default, keeping your personal files (depending on your choice in Step 2), automatically downloading and reinstalling Windows, and deleting all applications.

The reset process actually affects a lot of personalization, especially if the program needs to be reinstalled

Note: In particular, cloud reloading does not retain any third-party software. Although the Windows 10 prompt list does not have UWP written on it, the test shows that after the reset, all third-party software will disappear (including UWP and desktop software) and only the system’s built-in apps will be retained, which is fundamentally different from macOS.

Although the list of tips is full of desktop software, the UWP will also be deleted

5) The next operation is done automatically, the whole process is similar to manual installation, but one more mirror download. Download speed is very fast, 200M fiber can easily run full;

Automatic download of mirrors, very fast

6) The reset took slightly longer than the normal installation and took about 23 minutes on my computer. However, unlike manual installation, reset saves the subsequent drive installation steps. At the same time, if the system has been activated before, then after the reset no need to enter a license;

In reset

3. Can’t access Windows

If your Windows 10 is no longer accessible, the above approach will naturally not work, we need to use another method – advanced startup.

1) Restart the computer, press Reset when you do not enter the desktop, repeat 1-2 times, the system will automatically enter “repair mode”;

Force entry into “repair mode”

2) In repair mode, click “Advanced Options – Troubleshooter – Reset This PC” and two sets of options will pop up on the screen, select “Keep my files” or “Delete Everything” as needed;

Choose to reset this PC

Choose as needed

3) Because it is a sensitive operation, the system will ask you to enter an administrator password, after the completion of the “cloud download” button;

Administrator rights need to be verified

Select Cloud Download

4) The next operation is very similar to the method, after the confirmation is completed, the system began to download the mirror, the whole process also does not require user participation. Reset time is also close to the method, also is about 20 minutes;

Mirror download

The rest of the operation is the same as before.

Write at the end

Overall, this new feature of Windows 10 is still useful, eliminating the download process and the experience is good. The only regret is that the application needs to be reinstalled, and the start menu layout automatically reverts to default. Of course this step can be solved by subsequent cloud synchronization, but… At least for now, it’s still a long way off!

Windows 10 2020 “Cloud Reload”