Scientists discover fossil feathers of polar dinosaurs in Australia

An international team of scientists has unearthed fossil feathers of rare polar dinosaurs in an ancient riverbed in Australia’s Kuunwara Geological Reserve, foreign media CNET reported. Scientists believe the animals lived outside the Antarctic Circle about 118 million years ago, which they say is the world’s first evidence of feathered polar dinosaurs.

Scientists discover fossil feathers of polar dinosaurs in Australia

One study showed that scientists analyzed 10 well-preserved fossil feathers found at the site, including soft body feathers and the “primitive feathers” of carnivorous dinosaurs, as well as the wing feathers of primitive birds. The study was published online this week in the journal Gondwana Research.

“Dinosaur bones, even the fragile bones of early birds, have previously been found in ancient high latitudes, but so far no fossils have been found directly attributable to the epidermis, and this study shows that dinosaurs used feathers to survive in extreme polar habitats,” said benjamin, lead author of the study from Uppsala University. Kear said in a press release.

Scientists discover fossil feathers of polar dinosaurs in Australia

“These Australian fossil feathers are very important because they come from dinosaurs and small birds, they live in seasonal cold conditions and have months of polar darkness every year,” Kear added.

Martin Kundr?t, another author of the study, said the “primitive feathers” suggested that “fluffy feathers’ might help small dinosaurs keep warm in ancient polar habitats.” “

Fossil feathers found in Australia are the first record of dinosaur fossils in ancient polar regions, researchers say, suggesting that feathered dinosaurs and early birds once spread around the world. Some of the fossil feathers found in Kuunwara are now on display in the “600 million Years” exhibition at the Museum of Melbourne in Australia.

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