U.S. health experts: New crown vaccine may be ready this year but don’t be “hopeful”

The new coronary pandemic has been going on for months, and while maintaining social distance and home control may help slow the spread of the disease, vaccines may make things easier,media BGR reported. New crown vaccines may be available earlier as scientists rapidly develop multiple vaccine candidates. Now, Dr. Tom Inglesby, director of the Center for Health And Safety at Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health, told NBC News that people can keep hope, but don’t “hope on it.”

Inglesby noted on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that vaccine development takes at least a year and a half. However, with so much work done on neo-coronavirus research and vaccine development, the timeline is likely to be significantly shortened.

“Given that there are now 110 vaccine projects going on in the world, all the major vaccine companies around the world are working on this in some way, and that tony Fauci and Moncef Slaoui, the leading leaders in this project in the United States, think it’s possible, so I think it’s possible.” Inglesby told NBC’s Chuck Todd. “But everything is going to break through in the right way, and there are many ways it might not work.” So I don’t think we should be counting on it completely. “

Although the development of the new coronavirus vaccine is starting quickly and laboratories around the world are continuing at an alarming rate, this is not an easy process. Before rolling out the vaccine to the public, it is important to ensure that the vaccine is safe and effective, and unproven treatments can expose people to dire health consequences.