Strange Solar Journey: Atlas’s ‘Inside Comet’ Activated

According tomedia, even for comets, this year is still a strange year. A few months ago, the newly discovered comet Atlas (C/2019 Y4) began to brighten rapidly, and some thought it might last a long time, but soon it seemed to disappear as it split in the face of the sun’s intense heat and radiation.

Although astronomers have now turned their attention to another newly discovered bright comet, Swan, Atlas is still wandering in its faded and broken form. Recent photos show the comet still cruising inside the solar system.

Strange Solar Journey: Atlas's 'Inside Comet' Activated

The image above shows a small white comet with its own unique tail, located in the larger green comet of the main comet.

Strange Solar Journey: Atlas's 'Inside Comet' Activated

This motion picture shows more clearly the change sofe of Atlas in the background of the night sky

Astronomer Tony Phillips wrote on “On May 31, comet Atlas dived toward the sun as it approached Mercury’s orbit. Intense solar heating may cause further division of the broken core, which will activate a new ‘internal comet’, or the entire collection may break down into mist of dust and gas. “

If Atlas or some of them survive this chaotic journey around the sun and return to outer space, it is expected to return again — about six thousand years from now.