Animals are so cute “Planet Zoo” IGN 8.5 points Metacritic 81 points

The “Planet Coaster” developer Frontier Developments’ new production of “Planet Zoo” has been officially released on November 5, today (November 14) game media IGN gave the book 8.5 points of evaluation, The Metacritic also scored 81 points.

Screenshot of The Planet Zoo’s Metacritic rating

IGN: “Planet Zoo” is an excellent park-building game with a lot of cute animals”

“Because of my weak heart, I refused to fire the Michelin-starred chef who made three meals a day for my snow leopard, and every zoo I had, but I had a great time in The Planet Zoo,” IGN wrote in the review. The environment in the game looks great, and you can make it better with the tools you’re given. The animals that live there are all alive, and if you want to maximize their happiness, each of these animals provides a satisfying set of balance factors. While some Online model content feels immature, most of the patterns in the game are balanced and enjoyable. ”

Other media reviews

PCGamer rating: 75 points

“Another excellent (and stress-filled) simulation of Frontier Developments operates the game. ”

GameInformer rating: 70

“Planet Zoo has set a lot of obstacles for me to have fun, but once I break through most of them, I’ll find that the fascinating cycle of mastery and success makes this simulation game very interesting. ”

GamingTrend rating: 90 points

Wccftech rating: 85

GameStar rating: 84 points

PCGamesN rating: 80 points

DarkStation rating: 80

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