IBM launches development kit to facilitate ease of use design

The Global Awareness of Accessibility Awareness Day aims to raise awareness to improve the inclusiveness of digital access for people with disabilities. As part of the campaign, IBM launched a project called the Equal Access Toolkit to ensure that development teams followed role-based guidance in the development of relevant solutions. Even better, IBM Access is now offering these new tools free of charge.

IBM launches development kit to facilitate ease of use design

Video screenshot (from: IBM)

It is reported that many of the current accessibility guidelines do not work, and often require teams to break the conventional development process when integrating.

IBM’s new tools are characterized by guidelines that not only save time, but also ensure that everyone on the team can access them without having to bother logging in or using special keys.

IBM Equal Access Toolkit Now (via)

Si McAleer, IBM Accessibility’s program director, said in a blog post: “All tools are built on the same rule engine, and the engine itself remains up-to-date, meeting the latest accessibility standards and guidance elements, so that every team member can take responsibility for accessibility.”

For product teams, this allows them to develop smoothly along the way without the need for specialized expert guidance or training. Design and developers can fill in gaps anytime, anywhere without losing consistency.