Amazon’s French warehouse reopens on Tuesday with 30% of its employees back on the job

Sina Technology News Beijing time on May 19, beijing, according tomedia reports, three union officials reported that Amazon’s warehouse in France will restart operations on Tuesday, about 30 percent of employees will return to work. The e-commerce giant has been at loggerhead over whether Amazon is doing enough to protect workers from the new virus over the past month.

Amazon's French warehouse reopens on Tuesday with 30% of its employees back on the job

Amazon’s six warehouses in France have been closed after the company was taken to court by the French union and the court ruled in favour of the union. The court ordered Amazon to only distribute essentials to users during the outbreak, or face hefty fines.

Last week, five French unions signed a deal with Amazon to return to work, which stipulates that 106,000 full-time and temporary workers will return to work by June 2.

In the first phase of work, which begins on Tuesday and ends on Monday, only 50 percent of workers will be reinstated and employees will return voluntarily. As of Monday afternoon, about 30 percent of employees had been confirmed to be voluntarily returning to work on Tuesday, three union officials said.

An Amazon spokesman declined to say how many employees would return to work at the French warehouse on Tuesday. “We are interested that we can now restart work in a robust and sustainable manner,” the spokesman said. “

The agreement also stipulates that employees who voluntarily return to work will receive a bonus of 2 euros an hour by June 2. During the same period, employees who refuse to return to work and stay at home will also be paid in full.

Amazon also agreed to reduce the length of work per day by 15 minutes. The move will reduce the density of people in the locker room and entrance by increasing the gap between morning and evening shifts by 30 minutes.

The agreement also removes Amazon’s shipping restrictions in France, meaning that Amazon’s goods are no longer limited to essentials.

The court had previously asked Amazon to restrict the distribution of goods during the outbreak, sending only IT products, health products, food and pet food to users.

Amazon’s agreement with workers also announced that an outside agency called Progexa would be responsible for evaluating Amazon’s health measures inside the warehouse.

But Amazon said the agreement did not make a fundamental change to the health measures it took when it decided to close its warehouse on April 16. (Moon Heng)