NASA to issue special announcement on missions to find dark energy and exoplanets

NASA said Monday that it plans to issue a special announcement this week related to the WFIRST space telescope mission. The announcement will reveal some information about the WFIRST space telescope, most likely new details about the upcoming mission, followed by a live stream chat with members working on the project.

NASA to issue special announcement on missions to find dark energy and exoplanets

This is not the first time NASA has announced its intention to hold a special live conference detailing a discovery or what happened in its mission. The announcement will take place on Wednesday (May 20, 11 a.m. EST/ 8 a.m. Pacific Time). Given the time it takes to make a special live broadcast,media expect the news to be significant.

The news will be streamed live on NASA’s main website via NASA’s Science Live video, as well as through its YouTube channel, Facebook page and Twitter account. The video below is a scheduled live video from NASA.

The WFIRST mission involves observatories to study dark matter and dark energy in the universe, as well as the search for new exoplanets. Although the size of Hubble is, WFIRST’s field of view is 100 times larger. According to the space agency, the mission is currently scheduled for launch in the mid-2020s.

The telescope has a mirror diameter of just under 8 feet, and WFIRST will be equipped with two instruments: the photonmeter and the wide-area instrument. With the latter tool than the Hubble telescope, WFIRST will be able to capture more data, and it will take less time. A survey of microlensing inside the Milky Way is expected to find about 2,600 exoplanets.