New Coronas Confirmed Patients AttendIng Worship: 180 Congregations Exposed to New Coronavirus

According tomedia reports, the new coronavirus is far from being controlled, the longer the time out, the higher the risk of contracting new coronary pneumonia. If you go to a closed space, then social distance in that place is unlikely to exist. The most recent example came from a church in California, where one of the participants was known to have been diagnosed with the virus at the end of the service, exposing 180 people present at the time.

New Coronas Confirmed Patients AttendIng Worship: 180 Congregations Exposed to New Coronavirus


Recent studies have shown how easy it is to spread the virus in a closed environment. Researchers from China tracked new cases of coronavirus from three different families and found that all three groups had eaten at the same restaurant. A patient with the asymptomatic new coronavirus is believed to have spread the virus to two other families.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published a similar study of members of a choir in Washington state. A new coronavirus patient was not diagnosed at the event, which led to the spread of the virus to 52 other people, who are believed to be from a group of 61 singers who took part in exercises together, though they stayed together for less than three hours.

It is understood the California resident attended church on Mother’s Day and was diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia the next day. The resident is now in isolation at home, while 180 people who attended the service together have been told they have been exposed to new coronary pneumonia and have been given isolation instructions.

The local public health department’s public health bulletin reminded the public that any gathering of any size was prohibited by the governor’s “home quarantine” order.

“Despite the governor’s order, the organization chose to open its doors, which exposed the entire congregation to the new coronavirus. The cost of this decision is that it takes a lot of time and an economic burden to respond effectively to slowing or stopping the spread of the new coronavirus. Such a decision could pose a significant risk to the location’s ability to continue to open up faster than the state. “

Considering that the contact occurred on May 10, some of those who attended church with new coronary pneumonia may have developed symptoms, but some may be asymptomatic.

As of Monday afternoon, California had reported more than 80,000 cases of new coronary pneumonia and nearly 3,300 deaths.