How fixable is Surface Pro 7? iFixit gives 1/10 ultra-low rating again

Despite good results for surface Pro X and Surface Laptop 3 this year, Surface Pro 7 was so frustrating that iFixit, a professional disassembling agency, ended up giving it an ultra-low repairability rating of 1/10. The Surface Pro 7 follows the same design as last year’s previous generation of hybrid tablets, and the repairability rating has come under fire, according to the report, in line with the Surface Pro 6 and 2017 Surface Pro in 2018.

How fixable is Surface Pro 7? iFixit hits 1/10 ultra-low rating again

(Pictured: iFixit, via TheVerge)

Like its previous model, the Surface Pro 7 is very disassembled and accessible inside the fuselage, not to mention some parts faster, iFixit said. In order to open the Surface Pro 7, the service personnel must first break down the glue-stuck screen.

Even if you replace the battery, there is a lethal dose of glue waiting for you. Without the help of a lot of solvent and crowbar, it’s hard to get it down.

Surface Pro 7 – 1 out of 10 AGAIN (via)

In addition to the screen and battery, the Surface Pro 7’s CPU, memory, and hard drive are also welded to the motherboard. It is difficult to repair and replace faulty components without removing the entire circuit board.

By contrast, the Surface Pro X and Surface Laptop 3, also released this year, have been hailed by iFixit as the most repairable Surface model to date.

Having said that, if you still love the Surface Pro 7 more than you hate, you can order it now for $749 (5260 RMB).

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