Trump’s claim that he took hydroxychloroquine and that the us man exclaimed, “This is going to kill you!” “

BEIJING, Sept 19 (Xinhua) — U.S. President Donald Trump said Monday that he is taking the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine to prevent infection with the new coronavirus, although there is no scientific evidence that it is effective in treating or preventing the new coronavirus. This has shocked many professionals.

Hydroxychloroquine has potentially serious side effects, including heart rhythm problems. Mr. Trump said that while his doctor did not recommend the drug, he asked Dr. Sean Conley, a White House physician, for the drug.

“We believe the potential benefits of treatment outweigh the relative risks,” Conley said in a statement late Monday, though he did not specify whether he had prescribed oxychloroquine to Trump or that Trump was actually taking it.

Mr. Trump’s comments prompted a furious reaction from U.S. doctors, lawmakers and the media.

Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto looked stunned and warned his audience that the drug could have fatal consequences for some people.

“A study by the Department of Veterans Affairs showed that some people who were treated for the drug at the hospital died of respiratory disease and heart disease,” Cavuto said. I want to stress again: they’re dead. If you belong to such a dangerous group… I’m going to give you the strongest warning: it will kill you. “

“He shouldn’t take it,” Cnn’s medical reporter Sanjay Gupta, M.D., said on the program, noting that “there is no evidence” that hydroxychloroquine is effective as a preventive measure.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also pointed out Trump’s risk factors in an interview with CNN: “He’s our president, and I’d rather he doesn’t eat things that aren’t approved by scientists, especially in his age group and he, we should say, the weight group — morbidly obese, they said. “

Others don’t believe That Trump actually took hydroxychloroquine, which has made “he’s lying” a hot topic on Twitter.

White House doctor sits after discussion with Trump: Taking hydroxychloroquine outweighs harms

White House physician Sean Conley said in a statement Wednesday after Mr. Trump claimed he was taking the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine, saying he had discussed the pros and cons of taking the drug with Mr. Trump, and that they thought the benefits outweighed the disadvantages. But the statement did not say when Trump had started taking the drug or the dose, or whether Conley had prescribed it to him. The statement also said that Trump regularly underwent tests for the new coronavirus, which so far have been negative.

On April 24, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned against treating new coronary pneumonia with hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine, except in hospital or clinical trials, which could cause arrhythmia. (CCTV reporter Wang Fengzhi)

Original title: White House doctors after discussion with Trump decided: Taking hydroxychloroquine is more beneficial than harmful Source: CCTV