NASA Shares Mars Rover’s Absolute Test Video

Mars is not a friendly place for machines, it has “swallowed” many robots from Earth,media reported. But NASA’s latest Perseverance probe is finally on the challenge after a series of rigorous tests.

NASA Shares Mars Rover's Absolute Test Video

“The conditions on Mars are tough, and everyone knows that,” project manager John McNamee said in a NASA press release Monday. “

NASA has shared a summary of the Mars rover’s experiments and released a video showing several of its tests.

It is understood that “Persistence” will be launched as early as July this year. It will arrive on Mars in February 2021 and begin searching for signs of ancient life, as will it study the rocks and soil of Mars. In addition, it will even launch a helicopter to launch a technical demonstration that, if ultimately proven effective, could change the way humans explore other worlds.