Where’s the former technology leader? Musk is pulling the back of the technology.

When it comes to Elon Musk, many people are familiar with it. PayPal co-founder, founder of SpaceX, Tesla, And Neuralink, tech mogul, billionaire, and title-of-all. But Mr Musk, who was supposed to be a leader in the technology industry, has recently taken a “detour”, has been criticised by AI experts, fined by regulators and even called “devils” by his employees.

Elon Musk is one of the most prominent figures in the tech industry. The founder of Tesla and SpaceX has built a technology empire that has captured the imagination of thousands of people and given a glimpse into the potential of high-tech development. However, he now seems to have more harm than good for Tesla and the tech industry as a whole, as evidenced by the growing number of questionable statements and actions.

Where's the former technology leader? Musk is pulling the back of the technology.

Elon Musk, a technology billionaire.

Musk’s AI threat theory criticized by AI experts

Recently, Musk’s startling remarks about artificial intelligence (AI) drew criticism from AI experts. Last week, Jerome Pessanti, head of Facebook’s AI division, tweeted that Elon Musk “doesn’t know what he’s talking about when he’s talking about AI.” “

In addition, Pessanti accused Musk of misleadingly exaggerating the possibility of a future “evil AI” taking over the human world. ‘We now have more pressing issues related to AI that need to be raised, such as AI and automation that could exacerbate inequality, ‘ Mr. Pessenti said. Pessonti also accused Musk of exaggerating the distance between the technology industry and the development of general artificial intelligence (AGI).

The criticism of Mr. Musk has been echoed by experts and scholars in the AI industry, who argue that Mr. Musk’s unjustified exaggeration stoin of concerns can actually hinder the public’s understanding and acceptance of AI. One AI industry executive, speaking on condition of anonymity, said many in the AI field considered Musk a “negative distraction”. Another anonymous AI researcher believes Musk’s popularity could lead the public to misinterpret the state of AI.

Where's the former technology leader? Musk is pulling the back of the technology.

Jerome Pessanti, head of Facebook’s AI division.

Musk’s startling remarks are not uncommon.

In fact, Mr Musk’s comments are not uncommon, with he saying more than once that artificial intelligence is “the greatest threat to human existence”. He also overstates the power of virtual reality (VR), claiming that the odds of us not living in computer simulations are about “one in a billion.”

This hyperbole exaggerates the power of technology and poses many risks. For example, people will become averse to technology, or people will be disappointed when AI, VR and other emerging technologies don’t get the effect of their propaganda.

Musk’s words and actions make him the “devil” in the eyes of his employees.

Musk’s comments on topics other than technology could have a negative impact on Tesla and the industry as a whole. In recent months and even years, Musk has frequently posted baseless criminal charges on Twitter and was forced to pay $40 million in fines for securities fraud charges at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

More recently, he also called for an end to the new corona outbreak and tweeted a message that “people are free.” Last week, he tweeted that Tesla’s plant in Alameda County would reopen, in total defiance of the county’s order to continue the blockade over the new crown outbreak. At this point,

Where's the former technology leader? Musk is pulling the back of the technology.

Tesla’s production and sales are currently being affected by the coronavirus outbreak, and Tesla’s share price has fallen about 10 percent since its all-time high in February. But Musk’s image has also been tarnished by risking the safety of employees in order to keep profits growing. Musk also tried to block Tesla employees from forming a union, a serious violation of U.S. labor laws. All this has largely removed trust in the social responsibility of technology companies.

Earlier this month, a blind network survey found that 53 percent of Tesla employees believe his actions are hurting the company. Meanwhile, 10.9 percent described Musk as “the devil on the internet.” Incredibly, most employees think the CEO is actually hurting the company’s performance.

Tesla, which suffered so much.

In fact, it’s hard to know how much of a commercial damage Musk’s words and actions have done to Tesla, and even if Tesla’s profits aren’t affected by the outbreak, Musk is hurting the company’s performance and potentially messing with other industries in the tech industry. While Tesla has set a new record for sales in 2019, Musk’s words and actions are likely to make Tesla’s performance impossible.

According to a survey by Cars.com, 60% of car purchasedecisions depend on women. With only 31% of Tesla’s total sales in 2019, Tesla is trying to attract female customers. But as Jessica Caldwell, an automotive analyst at Edmonds, points out, many women may be disgusted by Musk’s arrogant personality.

Musk’s words and actions could also lead to tighter action against the company by regulators in several areas. Tesla, for example, was heavily criticized at a hearing on self-driving technology in February after ignoring the National Transportation Safety Board’s recommendations on self-driving technology and violating an investigation protocol.

The National Transportation Safety Board also singled out government regulators for their lack of oversight, which could eventually change if Tesla and Musk continue to disappoint. In other words, Tesla could face tighter regulation because of its “heresy”.

In turn, if Tesla continues to annoy regulators, they may be more likely to have a negative view of other high-profile technology companies. This may be detrimental to future technological developments, as strict regulation stogours or hinders technological innovation.

Of course, eliminating the negative effects of Musk’s words and actions is the hardest thing. The Tesla chief executive has been removed from the board of directors, but that has done nothing to curb his actions. While Tesla’s board could vote to keep Musk out of the company, that is unlikely to happen as long as Tesla’s sales and share price continue to rise.

So, at least for now, Musk will continue to mislead the public about technology risks and potential, and will continue to stigmatize Tesla and technology.

Simon Chandler is a technology reporter for Forbes in London, covering areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), social media, VR and AR. (Author/Gang)