Trump administration: Unhealthy groups are responsible for high mortality rates from New Coronapneumonia

From the release of conflicting guidance to over-optimistic rhetoric dominated in the early days of the pandemic, the Trump administration made a surprisingly strange shift in response to the new coronavirus pandemic over the weekend, but it has not been widely praised,media reported. U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar told CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday that the worst new corona epidemic facing the United States: You and I are the culprits, and we may not be as healthy as we think.

“Unfortunately, the U.S. population is very diverse… This is a significant complication, because of important potential diseases, health disparities, and complications of the disease, which put sathatability in our communities, especially African-Americans and minority communities, particularly at risk,” Azar said on the show. “

Trump administration: Unhealthy groups are responsible for high mortality rates from New Coronapneumonia

In this historic disaster, americans’ daily lives have been disrupted, millions of people are losing their jobs at a terrible rate — and in fact, the current unemployment rate in the United States is close to the levels of the Great Depression, and it is no wonder that such a message has been sent at such a time. Not to mention the latest data from Johns Hopkins University, nearly 90,000 people had died of new coronary pneumonia in the United States as of Monday morning.

Indeed, these factors contribute to the severity of the deadly virus. But it’s also true that this is an unprecedented disaster, and under normal circumstances people would see the president’s administration convey the message that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself” rather than — hey, this is your own mistake.

When host Jake Tapper asked whether Azar realized it was his suggestion that the crisis had become so serious that it was the fault of the American people, Azar responded: “Oh, no, Jake, please don’t — please don’t distort the facts — no, it’s not your fault.” This is a simple epidemiological problem, and if we have high blood pressure and diabetes, we are at greater risk of serious complications from the new coronavirus. That’s what I’m saying. “