Samsung Vice President Visits Xi’an Factory: Machines Can’t Lose Pre-Emptive

On May 18, Samsung Electronics Vice President Lee Yu-yong visited the company’s semiconductor plant in Xi’an and discussed with employees the impact of the new crown outbreak on production and countermeasures. Samsung now faces stiff competition in the industry, Mr. Lee said during the inspection. Thanks to strong domestic demand and strong government support, Chinese companies are improving their competitiveness. In the past or in the status quo there is no future, to create new growth momentum needto be prepared to meet the great changes, the opportunity can not be lost.


Samsung Vice President Visits Xi'an Factory: Machines Can't Lose Pre-Emptive

On May 6, Lee held a press conference in Yu to apologize to the public for Samsung’s succession, trade unions and other issues, according tomedia reports. And said goodbye to the fault, create a new Samsung, expand the scope of domestic and foreign business activities. On May 13, Li discussed a new generation of power battery business with Zheng Yixuan, chief vice president of Hyundai Motor Group, and decided to visit foreign factories a few days later.

It is understood that during the outbreak, Samsung Xi’an plant is still operating normally and completed the first phase of expansion on schedule. In April, more than 200 Samsung technicians chartered flights from South Korea to China to support the expansion of the Xi’an plant.

According tomedia reports, the Xi’an plant is Samsung’s only overseas semiconductor memory production base. Last April, Samsung set a goal of becoming a leader in the systems semiconductor industry by 2030. Lee’s choice of Xi’an on the first stop of his visit between the outbreaks reflects Samsung’s determination to realize its semiconductor development blueprint, “Semiconductor Vision 2030”.