NVIDIA downplays Tesla brand: because of its clash with well-known electric cars

At last week’s GTC 2020 conference (video), NVIDIA officially launched the 7nm ampere GPU, the first of which was the NVIDIA A100 acceleration card for the data center. It’s worth noting that this time NVIDIA has abandoned the Tesla brand, and the full text doesn’t actually emphasize the Tesla word. When it was originally released, it meant that no Tesla word was omitted by NVIDIA, and the official did not correct the matter, not by the word, but rather by a change of name – the German media learned from NVIDIA that the latter had abandoned the Tesla brand and retained only the GeForce and Quadro brands.

NVIDIA downplays Tesla brand: because of its clash with well-known electric cars

As for the reasonfor for the abandonment, NVIDIA says Tesla’s collision with Musk’s electric car brand is confusing.

Speaking of which, the two companies also have a lot of connections, with Electric Car Tesla using NVIDIA’s Tegra as a processor for in-vehicle electronics systems in previous years, and Huang himself a Tesla fan, with at least two Tesla electric cars in the garage.

But in recent years Tesla has begun to develop its own processors, self-driving and other aspects of the competition with NVIDIA, NVIDIA to abandon the Tesla brand also makes sense.

Tesla, the electric car, was founded in 2003 and NVIDIA launched the Tesla brand in 2007, the first of which is the Tesla C870 of the G80 architecture, which was also used in the GeForce 8000 series graphics cards at its core.

In fact, this change of name is not only now, last year’s Telsa T4 has in fact been low-key renamed NVIDIA T4, but the official did not announce, we did not pay too much attention to this matter.

In addition, it is reported that the core naming of the A100 actually has a slight change, also no longer called GA100, G also gave up, but from nVIDIA official documents can still find the existence of GA100, this is a bit vague.