AMD Official: B450, X470 motherboard supports Zen3 Ryzen processor

AMD Ryzen processor in addition to performance in place, cost-effective conscience, especially commendable is to adhere to the use of a package interface, and as early as early 2017, before the release of the first generation of Ryzen, AMD promised that the AM4 interface will continue until 2020, the second half of this year released the fourth generation of The Ron 4000 series will still be AM4 interface.

But the long life cycle, multi-generation architecture across, but also to the compatibility upgrade has brought no small challenges and trouble, especially the motherboard used to store BIOS information SPI ROM storage space is limited, resulting in some old motherboards can not support the new processor, or the new motherboard had to remove some of the old processor support, and some motherboards specifically released a new version of the larger capacity BIOS.

AMD Official: B450, X470 motherboard supports Zen3 Ryzen processor

For example, on the 400 series motherboard, in order to better support the Zen2 architecture of the Ryalong 3000 series processor, there is a part of the helpless to remove the excavator architecture of the seventh generation of APU Bristol Ridge support, which is also the first to adopt the AM4 interface products.

Rumor has been reported that the next generation of Zen3 processors need to be paired with the new X570, B550 motherboard, and the earlier 300, 400 series of motherboards will not be supported.

AMD said in an official blog post today that over the past week, AMD listened carefully to fan feedback and, after weighing customer feedback and the tough technical challenges it faced, decided to overcome the difficulties of creating an upgrade channel for the existing B450 and X470 motherboards so that they can support the next-generation Ryzen processor of the Zen3 architecture!

AMD Official: B450, X470 motherboard supports Zen3 Ryzen processor

“Based on past experience, large-scale BIOS upgrades can be really difficult and confusing when dozens of different generation processors are coming and going in and out of the support list,” AMD said. As AMD Ryzen’s fan base grows, we’re not forgetting it. We want to broaden the path to provide more users with a more secure upgrade experience. “

Of course, AMD also equals confirmation, the earliest X370, B350, A320 motherboard will be completely out of Zen3 architecture of the new Ryzen, but I believe this can be understood, on the one hand is a technical challenge, on the other hand with the 2017 motherboard with the 2020 processor, basically no one will do so.