Microsoft Build Conference On the Line: Completely Pure Developer Conference

This is Microsoft’s first build conference on the line, and the first fully developer conference. Almost all new products belong to the developer, who becomes the sole protagonist. “Developers, developers, developers, developers,” steve Ballmer, a former Microsoft CEO, once expressed his love for developers in a slightly crazy, singing and jumping way.

Microsoft Build Conference On the Line: Completely Pure Developer Conference

It’s no exaggeration to say that Microsoft is closer to developers than ever before, focusing on the role of developers and building platforms and tools for them, compared to the giant Microsoft of 20 years ago. Because there are no developers, there is no Microsoft’s ecological platform, there will be no Microsoft everything.

Microsoft’s $7.5 billion acquisition of developer platform GitHub in 2018 is the most important move by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to get closer to developer srelationship. At the time, many developers were worried about the future of GitHub. Nearly two years on, GitHub, which is owned by Microsoft, is still open and has launched better services, attracting more developers. Nadella stressed today that GitHub has more than 50 million developers. Power Platform, a low-code development platform launched two years ago, has more than 3.5 million developers.

Several of the nation’s tech industry’s annual developer conferences could not be held as usual this year because of the new corona outbreak. Google I/O and Facebook F8 simply canceled altogether, while Microsoft and Apple opted for live streaming online. While it’s not comparable to the grand feeling of tens of thousands of people attending the event, the Build Conference is also of special significance at such a special time when the world is in the parking lot. “The world is facing unprecedented challenges, and developers around the world share the responsibility to rebuild our society, institutions, and industries,” Nadella said in a live broadcast highlighting the mission of developers around the world, and Microsoft’s mission is to provide developers with tools and solutions.

So what new products have been announced at this year’s Build Conference and what help has been brought to developers?

Microsoft Healthcare Cloud for the Healthcare Industry

In order to help healthcare providers and workers around the world cope with the new crown outbreak, Microsoft Medical Cloud public preview version of the launch this fall. This is the first time Microsoft has built a cloud solution for a specific industry. Microsoft Healthcare Cloud is built on Microsoft’s existing medical industry-related cloud services, in order to meet the main needs of the medical industry on the basis of better patient communication, strengthen medical team collaboration, improve operations and diagnostic data.

Specifically, medical institutions and workers can make appointments and arrange medical diagnosis based on this cloud service platform, remotely diagnose through video, enhance remote collaboration of medical teams, access electronic medical records for existing applications and platforms, manage medical equipment and protective equipment, and improve hospital data security. Microsoft Healthcare Partners Eco will provide them with extensive technical support.

Microsoft Build Conference On the Line: Completely Pure Developer Conference

In this outbreak, Microsoft has been working with a number of medical institutions on technical support. St. Luke’s University Health Network in Pennsylvania, U.S., had no previous experience with telemedicine, but through Teams, Microsoft’s video collaboration tool, it was quickly conducted 3,000 times a day. Doctors can also work with colleagues in the ICU through teams video tools to conduct routine tests on new coronary patients and reduce the use of protective equipment (PPE).

Remote collaboration platform Teams upgrade

The new crown outbreak has created a huge demand for remote collaboration. “We saw in two months the digital transformation that would have taken two years,” Mr Nadella said. Microsoft Team Smart Conferencing Platform usage, a core component of Microsoft 365, has grown dramatically. According to Techcrunch, Microsoft Teams, launched in 2017, overtook Slack in the second half of last year, but this year’s daily active user base has reached 75 million, more than six times slack’s.

Microsoft Build Conference On the Line: Completely Pure Developer Conference

New features introduced by Microsoft Teams include Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code joining the Teams extension to allow developers to develop and publish Teams apps with tools they are familiar with, teams management centers to make it easier for IT administrators to manage Teams applications, including evaluation, approval, pre-installed industry applications, or applications developed by ISVs, and single sign-in by users. And the Teams Activity Feed API, which sends notifications to users of different devices, will help developers improve the user experience of Teams; the Teams Store will make it easier to search for relevant apps; with customizable group templates, administrators can set specific apps that can be used in a channel; and Teams has added the interoperability of the new Network Device Interface (NDI) and Skype TX. Provides more customizable advanced settings for public or in-house large-scale conference broadcasts

Responsible Machine Learning Toolkit

Microsoft has announced that it will create a fair and impartial aia development platform for developers around the world, with a series of “responsible” machine learning toolkits to help developers correctly understand, protect, and control machine learning models throughout their lifecycle. These Azure Machine Learning features provide open source on GitHub.

Microsoft Build Conference On the Line: Completely Pure Developer Conference

Microsoft Build Conference On the Line: Completely Pure Developer Conference

These machine learning tools include the InterpretML toolkit, which can be used to explain what different parameters in the model represent to help developers understand the behavior of machine learning models, the Fairlearn toolkit to assess and correct the fairness of AI systems, and the Ability Noise toolkit, which has built into Azure Machine Learning services from June, and the WhiteNoise toolkit, which enables differential privacy – statistically ensuring name, Privacy information such as birthdays is well protected, and The Machine Learning Operations (MLOPs) built into Azure Machine Learning allows developers to track, train, and automate the entire process of building, training, and deploying models

AI Model Training Supercomputer

Microsoft has announced an exclusive partnership with OpenAI, the agency that drives the artificial intelligence industry, to create a top-five supercomputer in the world to train super-large-scale artificial intelligence models on the Azure public cloud. This is a single system supercomputer with more than 285,000 CPU cores, 10,000 GPUs, and 400Gbps network bandwidth per GPU. Compared to the current latest Global Supercomputing 500 list, it ranks among the top five in performance.

Microsoft Build Conference On the Line: Completely Pure Developer Conference

Thanks to hosting on Azure, this supercomputer has the benefits of a modern cloud computing infrastructure, including fast-deployment, sustainable data centers, and access to all Azure services. Compared with the previous individual AI model training individual tasks, supercomputers can achieve a higher level of ultra-large-scale artificial intelligence models, in-depth understanding of language grammar, knowledge concepts in the differences, to complete complex tasks. For example, you can summarize lengthy speeches, you can find statements from thousands of legal documents, and you can find code directly from GitHub.

Microsoft’s Turing model for natural languages, launched in February, is already the world’s largest AI language model. With Azure AI services and GitHub open source community, large AI models, optimization training tools, and supercomputer resources are available, making it easy for developers, data scientists, and business users to take advantage of this massive AI platform to develop their own projects.

Bridging the gap between Win 32 and universal Windows platforms

Microsoft also announced the launch of project Reunion platform, dedicated to creating a unified development platform separate from the operating system, making it easy for developers to integrate Win 32 and The Universal Windows Platform (UWP) API to develop applications for all Windows 10 versions and different devices. Nadella noted that users’ monthly time on Windows has increased 75 percent this year.

Microsoft Build Conference On the Line: Completely Pure Developer Conference

For the past two years, Microsoft has been trying to bridge the gap between Win32, or Windows API, and the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) API, and Project Reunion has been able to unify access to existing Win32 and UWP APIs and free it from the operating system with tools like NuGet. This will provide a common platform for new development applications, while existing applications, whether in C , . NET (including WPF, Windows Forms, UWP) or Native can be modernised with this scenario and add the latest features.

In addition, Microsoft announced that Windows Subsystems (WSLs) for Linux have been added to support FOR GPU acceleration and GUI graphical interfaces. Support for GPU hardware will improve the performance of running parallel computing, training machine learning, and artificial intelligence models under Linux. The addition of the GUI will allow WSL to run Linux applications directly with a graphical interface. Microsoft launched Windows Terminal 1.0 for enterprise applications, a modern terminal app that provides users with powerful, fast command-navigation tools that support multiple page simultaneous operation, Unicode and UTF-8 character encoding, and GPU acceleration.

Sina Technology Zheng Jun from Silicon Valley, USA