Facebook deletes 3.2 billion fake accounts in half year, double year-on-year

Facebook, the US social giant, has deleted more than 3.2 billion “fake accounts” in six months. Nov 14 (Reuters) – Facebook has deleted more than 3.2 billion fake accounts and deleted millions of posts involving child abuse and suicide between April and September, according to its latest content regulator, Reuters reported.

Facebook deletes 3.2 billion fake accounts in half year, double year-on-year

According to the report, the number of accounts deleted more than doubled this year from 1.55 billion accounts deleted in the same period last year. Facebook also disclosed for the first time its content monitoring of Instagram, another social platform. In addition to Facebook, Instagram is increasingly being identified by researchers as a way to spread false information.

The content regulatory report said the company was less sensitive to Instagram content screening than Facebook. Facebook’s regulatory system, for example, was able to identify 98.5 percent of terrorist content within a limited time, but on Instagram the recognition rate dropped to 92.2 percent.

Between April and September, 1.2 million inappropriate articles, including child nudity and sexual abuse, were removed from Instagram, according to U.S. financial media.

Reuters said law enforcement agencies are concerned that Facebook’s plans to adopt encryption technology to provide users with stronger privacy protections have hampered child protection in part. Last month, FBI Director Christopher Wray also said Facebook’s intended encryption would help “predators and child pornographers” use the platform to realize their dreams.

In addition to disclosing regulatory data related to Instagram, Facebook has for the first time included data on self-harm and suicide in its report. According to the report, Facebook deleted about 2.5 million posts in the third quarter of this year that “describe or encourage self-harm and suicide.” Also in the third quarter, Facebook deleted 4.4 million posts related to drug sales.

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